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How Supply & Demand Affects Real Estate in Nutley

The price of any item in Nutley NJ is determined by the supply of that item, as well as the demand for that item in its market. The same is true in Nutley real estate. As the inventory of homes available for sale in Nutley shrinks, and the demand that buyers have for those homes continues to grow, prices increase. Let’s get together to discuss the supply and demand of homes in the Nutley Real Estate Market

49 Plymouth Rd in Nutley Has Just SOLD!

Interview With Daniel D’Elia

Luxury Home For Sale in Nutley NJ

Newer Home in Nutley New Jersey

This 4 bedroom custom built home would be a delight for any home buyer, this home also features a full in-law suite with its own entrance a must see for someone who appreciates fine detail and easy access to NYC one block away from the new Medical School located in Nutley, this home is in the Spring Garden Section of town

Listing info for 38 Cathedral Ave

  • Price: $624,500
  • Status: Active
  • Type: Single Family Residential
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Full Bathrooms: 3
  • Half Bathrooms: 1

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Presented by Matthew DeFede

Realty Executives Elite Homes
Listed by: Realty Executives Elite Homes

2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in Haldeon NJ

The requested property is no longer available.

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1 Beroom 2nd Floor Unit For Rent in Nutley

The requested property is no longer available.

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19 Oak St, Belleville NJ For Sale


Featured Story Of The Month in The Nutley Journal

Realty Executives Elite Homes is The Featured Story of The Month

Matthew De Fede

By Chuck O’Donnell
Staff Writer
Each year, tech-savvy customers who have grown up during the Internet Age and are fluent in social-media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make up more and more of Matthew De Fede’s clientele. As a Realtor, he has needed to constantly innovate new ways to meet these potential clients where they live – on their phones – in order to bring them where he lives — Nutley.
Whether it’s data mining, precision advertising or value-added videos, De Fede has been at the vanguard of a new approach to the real estate industry. By continually integrating technology into his business, Realty Executives Elite Homes, De Fede has been able to market his services to more people, better serve his clients and set himself apart from other agents.
“I get asked all the time by my regional directors, ‘Who’s your competition in town?’” De Fede said. “I go, ‘Well if you think about it, I don’t really have any because nobody is playing in that space.’ I’m Amazon, they’re Bradlees.”
Gone are the days, De Fede said, when the only way someone in the market could get information was to wander into a real estate office and thumb through the massive binder of properties listed in the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS in real estate parlance. Also gone are the days of sitting at a desk and waiting for a phone to ring.
Today, some transactions are done by a click, a text or an email.
For example, prospective buyers who see a charming house on, say, Grant Avenue or High Street, don’t even have to set foot outside their cars to get a close-up look on the interior. By punching in a code, they can take a virtual tour on their phone.
“But what happens with that, that actual lead, or that client’s information automatically gets sorted over to the listening agent via text message so we can follow up,” De Fede said. “So our whole advantage is speed to lead. So as soon as somebody signs in there, we’re on the phone two minutes later (saying), ‘Hey, we saw you saw the home. Would you like to get an actual tour of it?’ So that’s technology that we’re pioneering. Nobody else in town has that.”
Retargeting has also been an effective tool. Here’s how it works. De Fede will take a new listing, do all the photography, put it all on the MLS and give it its own website. That allows him to encode a targeting cookie that can seek potential buyers.
“So now we take that and put it on Facebook and we boost it, boost it a certain area, a certain demographic,” De Fede said. “So, if we are selling a home that’s $350,000, a first-time homebuyer, we’re not going to look for people making salaries of $500,000 and up. We’re going to look at a certain salary, if they’re getting engaged, did they just have a baby, are they looking to move. What are their behaviors? We target their behaviors.”
He said 85 percent of his clients are people from New York who are looking to settle down and start a family in Nutley. They sometimes take a virtual tour or two and ride off back to the city. De Fede, however, can retarget them whether they are riding the subway or walking in Time Square.
“Now they leave, a couple of days later, they’re surfing the web,” he said. “Ads are popping up on Home Depot. They’re popping up on Kohl’s. They’re popping up on all different sites.”
The future is video, he said. It has an immediacy that people will continually crave. Within two years, he predicts, Facebook will be nothing but videos. In time, he thinks he’ll be Facetiming with customers around the country, selling them homes.
“It’s going to be the push-button mentality of, ‘Hey, I like this home. Can you walk me through it? I want to buy it,’” De Fede said. “Click a button and, boom, I have a mortgage. That’s where we’re heading. What’s going to happen is it’s going to kill off those people who don’t adapt, and there’s a large amount of people who haven’t adapted to the technology that’s already in place.”
De Fede, who has been a Realtor for about 15 years, remembers going to arcades and comic book shops in Nutley during the golden-lit days of his childhood. His family has called this 3.5 square-mile town home for some 80 years.
He wasn’t always destined for greatness, however. He describes himself as an F student who was placed in remedial reading. In high school, however, his guidance counselor recognized his artistic talents and talked him into switching into a vocational school.
De Fede’s life changed. He felt a sense of purpose. His self-esteem rose, and he was getting A’s across the board.
He went to college and studied illustration. Soon, he was working for several corporations as an art director. He also started working with real-estate agents, buying two or three properties a year. He realized he could probably do it without their help, so he went and got his license.
“I liked it,” he said. “Then I said, ‘Wait a minute, what if I merge two of my passions: real estate; and marketing design and marketing. That’s how my business came about. So, I look at this as an ad agency. I have it up on the wall: We’re a tech-driven ad agency. That’s exactly what we are.”
The technology part of it came while he was working for ad agencies in the early 1990s. When AOL and dial-up were cutting-edge technology, he and a friend learned HTML and learned how to create websites. De Fede was doing it on the side until he got hired to create sites for Ford and a few TV networks.
And now Realty Executive brings together his areas of expertise and his various passions. That allows him to be hands-on in every aspect of the business, from marketing to advertising to customer service to selling.
“That’s the advantage,” he said. “That’s the cornerstone of the business because the knowledge and stuff that I have done in the past, I’m implementing into my business every day. Larger companies, competitors, they have to go out and hire an agency.”
And he’s confident it will help him reach even more potential homebuyers, wherever they may live.
Realty Executives Elite Homes is located at 653 Franklin Ave. in Nutley. Matthew De Fede can be reached at 973-846-0065, office; or 862-228-0054, cell. His email is

Cambridge Heights in Nutley New Jersey

Cambridge Heights in Nutley New Jersey

I specialize in Cambridge Heights in Nutley, Thinking about buying or selling a townhome in Cambridge Heights in Nutley NJ? I have a growing database of New York City buyers that are looking for town homes & condos in Cambridge Heights in Nutley NJ. I specialize in selling and marketing properties in Cambridge Heights in Nutley, I can show you how I can market your property and get it sold the fastest and get you the most amount of money! For a FREE no-obligation marketing consultation call me at 862-228-0554. I also have Cambridge Heights Units for Sale that are not currently being marketed publicly please contact me for a list of these homes. The Cambridge Heights Clubhouse is a lovely space for both community events and private parties. Board meetings, community seminars, and various classes are held periodically in the clubhouse. It’s also available for both weekday and weekend private event rentals. The clubhouse has a capacity of 97 people, includes tables and chairs for party use, and has a full kitchen including a refrigerator, stove, and microwave. You can view the Cambridge Heights calendar to check for date availability and to find out any upcoming community events that might be happening in the clubhouse. To rent the clubhouse for a private party, please call Debbie Quattrocchi of Taylor Management (973.662.0404) to hold your date. A Clubhouse License Agreement Form must be completed and deposit made to secure your date. Please see license agreement for rules and usage guidelines. For community-wide events please refer to the Clubhouse Usage Form ).

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