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14 Silvia Place, North Arlington, NJ

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3 BEDROOMS | 2 (1 full, 1 half ) BATHROOMS |


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If You’re In a Hurricane-Hit Area, the Federal Government Might Have a Job for You

The U.S. Small Business Administration is looking for damage verifiers in the parts of Texas and Florida that were hit by hurricanes. Damage verifiers are people who use their knowledge about real estate to give the agency their SBAassessment of how much damage a structure  sustained in the storm. By one estimate, almost 150,000 structures were damaged by Hurricane Harvey, so there appears to be a need for many damage verifiers. In Florida, just in the Florida Keys, at least a quarter of all structures were damaged. The SBA is also looking for people to do about half a dozen other contract jobs related to storm recovery, including loan processors.

The SBA opportunity is a top story in the latest Voice for Real Estate news video from NAR. The video also looks at the so-called Big 6 tax reform framework, short-term reauthorization of federal flood insurance, and how to protect your data and your clients’ data from cyber criminals. The video also provides an update on home sales.

Access and share the video.

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Living in Weehawken NJ


Thinking About Buying, Selling or Renting in Weehawken New Jersey?

Weehawken has changed so much in this last decade – home values and rents have skyrocketed, activities are everywhere and ultimately the synergy of this growing community is changing lives. Locals and out of state folks alike have come to discover the excitement around Weehawken and throughout my life I’ve seen the developments of this small community grow into one of the best places to live in the world minutes form the greatest city in the world New York City!

Living in Weehawken

Weehawken has become a hip and vibrant local community because of the people and small businesses who have transformed this area. In New Jersey, when you think of local coffee shops, clubs, bars and food – you now think of Weehawken! Buying A Home in Weehawken could be challenging.

Arbor Hills, Just Listed for $85,000.00

This co-op just went on the market for $85,000.00 in Arbor Hills in Belleville

Why Nutley is a Great NYC Commuter Town

Nutley Kingsland Park

Why is Nutley NJ A Great Commuter Town For Young Families?

The New York Times wrote a great article about the town of Nutley a couple of months ago you can read the article here it was called “Nutley, NJ: A Place To Land To Stick Around In” The article gave a great view of what the town of Nutle is all about.

A majority of our clients At Realty Executives Elite Homes are from NYC and the outer Burroughs as well as Jersey City, we specialize in First Time Buyers in Nutley we even have a free 70 minuted online webinar to introduce you to the process of buying a home in Nutley. We can walk you through the whole process of getting you pre-qualified for a mortgage with the right lender, help you find the home in of the five sections of town (Spring Garden, Radcliffe, Lincoln, Washington & Yanticaw) and then guiding you through Attorney Review, Home Inspections and so on.

transitioning from a NYC style or Hoboken style life can be challenging, every town is different but the lifestyle in Nutley is more suitable for a more laid back kind of approach, Nutley has Parks that stretch from one side of the town to the other, we also have a variety of restaurants in town from Italian food to Cuban food and yes tehre is a Starbucks for you city people and also A Dunkin Donuts (2 as a matter of fact) right down the street fron our new office at 653 Franklin Ave. in Nutley NJ.

Nutley is a town in transition, there are new buildings going up, homes being expanded and new families moving into the area, the latest project ON3 is the former Hoffman LaRoche firm that used to sit on the north side of Nutley for almost 100 years, that is being revamped and redeveloped by the Prism group.

The average new home buyer can expect to pay at least $350k-$425k for an average 3 bedroom 2 bath home with an average tax bill of 9-10k per year as well, below are a couple of homes around town that are for sale at the moment:

179 Centre St in Nutley Being Offered for $399k

179 centre st in Nutlet NJ


23 Cottage Place in Nutley (Spring Garden Section) Being offered For $569k

46 Lake St. in Nutley being offered for $589k


If you are interested in learning more about what the town of Nutley has to offer when buying your first home please call me at 862-228-0554

Small Markets See 4% Gain in Commercial Property Sales

Smaller commercial properties in secondary markets are still attracting buyers at good prices, but demand for big-market mega-properties appears to be easing, NAR second-quarter data suggest. Large markets saw a 5 percent annual decline in sales, while smaller markets saw a sales boost of 4 percent.

coomer“Shrinking cap rates and the higher interest rate environment are expected to lead to a plateau in price growth over the next year, especially for Class A assets in large markets,” NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun says. “As a result, investors will continue to look to small and tertiary markets for properties that have the best opportunity to provide stability and generate solid returns.”

On a national basis, vacancy rates are expected to retreat 1.1 percent to 11.9 percent for offices, 1.1 percent to 7.8 percent for industrial properties, 0.4 percent to 11.4 percent for retail, and 6.6 percent to 6.1 percent for apartments.

“A very healthy labor market and stronger confidence and spending from both consumers and businesses boosted economic expansion to a solid 3.0 percent last quarter,” says Yun.
“There’s momentum for more of the same growth to close out the year, which bodes well for sustained interest in all types of commercial space.” Yun added that the demand cycle for properties in larger markets is maturing, which means investor interest will likely focus on smaller markets.

Coverage in The Voice for Real Estate.

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Real Estate Market Trends in Nutley NJ

Trying to buy that perfect home in Nutley NJ is getting harder to do if you don’t have the right strategy!

You have to pay attention to the trends when buying a home, looking at comps is a good start but you need to be ahead of the curve & you don’t need to worry about overpaying because your bank will do an appraisal and let you know, Contact me at 862-228-0554 if you are thinking of buying a home in Nutley NJ

25% of Male Agents Carry a Gun

Safety is a concern in the real estate industry and it’s not limited to female agents. Recent NAR survey data show that a quarter of men in the business carry a gun to protect themselves. The survey is based on a sample of the NAR membership. Almost 49,000 members were sent the survey and a little under 3,300 responded, for a response rate of 6.7 percent. That puts the margin of error at plus or minus 1.72 percent.

VRE 74 imageThe 25-percent figure of men carrying guns might not be even across the country. More men might carry guns in one area, skewing the national figure higher than it otherwise would be. But, either way, it’s an eye-catching figure. For women, the corresponding numbers is 12 percent. That puts total gun-carrying agents at 16-percent. Overall, pepper spray is the most common self-defense weapon agents use, at 19 percent.

Safety apps are popular. Almost half of all female agents have some type of safety app on their phone. Although the apps differ, one common type of app is simply a way for someone to alert someone else where they are by pushing a button.

Actual violence against agents remains relatively rare, although even one violent act against an agent is one too many. About 5 percent of agents say they’ve been a victim of a crime while on the job. That includes non-violent crimes like having data stolen. About 4 percent of agents self-identify as having been victim of a physical crime: 2 percent say it was robbery, 1 percent say it was assault, and 1 percent prefers not to say.

The fear of crime is quite high, understandably, given that the job often entails meeting people for the first time in different types of settings. More than 40 percent of women in suburban markets say they have felt afraid at one time or another. Sometimes it was at an open house, sometimes it was at a showing.

The data is from an NAR safety report that was released a few weeks ago. It’s a top story in the latest Voice for Real Estate news video from NAR. The video also covers how REALTORS® responded to recent hurricane damage, what’s happening with flood insurance, and how commercial markets are faring (good in secondary markets and less good in bigger markets, where big properties are seeing prices flatten). Watch the video. 


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Nutley Real Estate

We Know We Need Housing and How to Get It. Unfortunately, That’s Where We Stop

Chuck Reed

Chuck Reed

The United States has a housing shortage. That’s why home prices are rising faster than what many people can afford. But in California, the housing shortage is a crisis. Many people want to live and work in the state, but developers have little incentive to build housing the average person can afford, especially in the hot areas like San Francisco and Silicon Valley. And government hasn’t found the will to be the solution. As former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed says, “California cares about housing—just not enough to do anything significant about it.”

Reed, who was term-limited in 2014 so couldn’t run again after eight years as mayor and almost 30 years in local government, is an attorney who specializes in land use issues. He was one of the featured speakers at a housing conference NAR hosted earlier this summer in Berkeley, Calif., and his remarks to REALTORS® make it clear he has no shortage of ideas to help get affordable housing built. Of course, his ideas focus mainly on California but they also provide a roadmap the rest of the country can follow.

Take the battle to the Supreme Court

For starters, we should take aim at all the hoops local governments put developers through to get building plans approved—occupancy limits, profit limits, eviction rules—by litigating these restrictions all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. As he puts to, “That is the only court where the 5th Amendment seems to be taken seriously.”

Next, change states’ fiscal restrictions to favor housing. He’s speaking about California, but there are lessons here for all states when he talks about modifying property tax allocations so that housing permits generate enough money for cities to pay for increased service demand. He also says states should share sales taxes based on where people live rather than where they buy things. And state and federal transportation money should be allocated to support high-density housing rather than the single-family house on the large lot in the suburbs.

He also wants to see environmental and other reviews streamlined so they’re not used to block developments just because people don’t want them in their backyard.

Long-term, people who care about housing, like REALTORS®, should continue to elect legislators who understand you can’t have job growth without also having places for workers to live.

Reed says California is organized  to make it hard to build housing of any kind, but as the housing crisis makes clear, economic development is only half the equation. The other half is having homes for the people who take new jobs. That’s a lesson that we benefit from no matter what state we’re in, as the continued housing storage throughout the country shows. Click on the PDFs below to read Reed’s full remarks.



Other coverage from the conference.

Conference coverage in the June 12 Voice for Real Estate video:

VRE 69 still

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