Short Sales in New Jersey, Short Sale in Sussex County

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    Nutley Buyer’s Agent Boosts Short Sale Odds

    Last month, the number of new foreclosures listed nationally barely crept upward — even as average sale prices leapt dramatically. Realtytrac compiles the numbers, and they show a sizeable 10%+ jump in foreclosure sales prices from July to August. Of course, homes listed as foreclosures and short sales still close at prices markedly lower than homes sold in traditional transactions, but that rise in price seems to say that more buyers are feeling confident that a home purchased now will look like a wise move in the future.

    If you have been looking at the distressed property market in Nutley, these numbers suggest that the short sale and foreclosure possibilities are still being created — and that the value they represent is getting a boost of market verification. But before anyone rushes out to take advantage of that market, it’s a good idea to consider enlisting the help of a buyer’s agent. It’s no exaggeration to say that a great buyer’s agent can help make or break a short sale.

    Helping you find a price that works is one of the most valuable services a buyer’s agent will supply. Banks will turn down a short sale if they determine it is possible to sell a home at a price closer to its market value. Nobody wants to overpay — but you won’t get a house by overplaying your hand, either.  A knowledgeable Nutley buyer’s agent with a local market track record can be invaluable when it comes to determining how the price you are contemplating is likely to be received at the bank.

    As Realtytrac’s report suggest, it’s a fast-moving market. Anyone who has fallen in love with a house only to learn that theirs was the least attractive offer knows the sting of underestimating the market.  An experienced buyer’s agent can help you determine if it is likely that there are multiple offers on a home — and whether a bidding war is likely to ensue.  If you want that house, a savvy buyer’s agent can be your secret weapon.

    In the larger picture, stepping back from the sometimes emotional side of the process, a well-versed Nutley buyer’s agent can help you determine if a home offered as a short sale is a good buy overall. Even when a home is priced well below market value, some wind up needing costly repairs that consume the cash saved on the purchase price. You need to compare apples to apples — a great buyer’s agent can help you compare the potential real cost of buying a home that initially might have appeared to be available at an irresistible discount.

    If you are curious about Nutley homes in the short sale and foreclosure markets, I am standing by to put my experience to work for you. Supplying the knowledge that helps make excellent long-term decisions — then applying strategies that put them into action – are the ways I’ve built a reputation for hard work and solid results. Call me anytime!

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      A Short Sale is a PROACTIVE process!

      I run into this all the time, someone will have their home for sale or on the market for two sometimes almost three years not to realize that the Agent or The Attorney are not doing what they are supposed too and they blame the lengthy process on the bank, meanwhile the home owners just get deeper and deeper into the foreclosure process with nothing left but to foreclose on the home. Here is some news for you home owners trying to Short Sale your home, THE BANK DOES NOT WANT YOUR HOUSE! yes the banks are very busy, yes the process can become a little crazy but they are willing to work with you at some point, you need a qualified agent and a experiences attorney who will be willing to be proactive contact the bank on your behalf and push the issue with the bank, I have had many short sale successes after I found the right attorney. I still keep running into homeowners who don’t understand the process not that it is their fault the people coaching them did not explain it to them, I am just as eager to get all these short sales off the market as well that is why I am so proactive when i take on a short sale listing. If you have any questions about short sales etc. Please drop me a line 973-846-0065 or email me at

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