Are You A New Real Estate Agent in Nutley in the Process of Choosing A Broker?

Are you a new Real Estate agent in Nutley NJ?Well here is my opinion on picking an agency to hang your license at, here are a couple of questions that I would ask your potential Broker and don’t think its all about the split, there is allot more to the business than just the split like the following couple of questions you should be asking:

1) As the Broker/Manager do you compete for listings with your agents?
2) What is your training process, do you have one? if so do you have it in writing?
3) Do you rotate floor time rather than have the same agent on the same days all the time?
4) What is your marketing strategy and how will you highlight me and help me build my business?
5) Are you a franchise and if so what type of marketing support do you get?
6) Can I brand myself on all my marketing material, mailers & signs?
7) What is the office policy on leads, do you have that in writing?
8) Do you suppliment my marketing efforts, do you share costs for mailings, ads etc.

Also I would ask around town and see what your potential brokers reputation is, will it hurt you if they have a bad reputation, will it hurt your business? these are very important questions to get you started off on the right path of real estate success.

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