Short Sales in New Jersey, Short Sale in Sussex County

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    When Building Income is a Property Manager Benefit

    The stage is set for those with investment dollars to spare: income properties — including rentable local vacation homes  – are still being offered at discount prices. At this point, the fire sale psychology has been pretty well hosed down, but…

    Despite the evidence of an improving market, the recovery is from such a deep downturn that, stacked up beside historical levels, real bargains are still out there. Add in the fact that recent pronouncements from Washington indicate that a lid is firmly in place on those extremely attractive mortgage rates, and it’s clear why investors are likely to continue on course to match or beat last year’s 7% growth in vacation home sales.

    However, buying a second home as an investment is just that: a business proposition. The cash in, cash out projections may be simple to estimate, but experienced investors know that, as with any business, realistic operating costs need to be factored in. Taking some of the guesswork out of that can mean better risk management for that new “business” – and one way to accomplish that is to consider using a professional local property manager to look after things.

    The first reason is immediately obvious: when it comes to renting out a vacation or other property, there are always going to be emergency calls from the tenant. By using a local property manager, you can ensure that you are not inconvenienced by any 2 a.m. calls…and that all emergencies are handled professionally.

    If you live far away from the property or travel often, there is another plus: sheer logistics. Instead of being faced with going to the property to meet new people staying there, mailing the keys, or finding another way to turn over occupancy, a property manager can be here in the area to welcome tenants and walk them through. Let’s face it: when a living, breathing person is present and in authority, tenants act more responsibly. How valuable is that? If peace of mind is an issue, very!

    There is another considerable value a property manager can offer: marketing services. If you choose one with a website that is already search engine optimized, that means far less work for you. Increasing the number of people who see your rental cannot help but boost the odds that you will see more income from your local investment.

    Before you go ahead and choose an investment property and property manager in the area, do take the opportunity to consult with a real estate professional to go over the current options.  If you choose me, I will do my best to help get more for your money. Since the stage is set, if you are ready to investigate, this could be the right time to further your investment potential!

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      Finding the Home That Fits Your Retirement

      Retiring in Nutley, Sell Your Home

      How about this for a stunner: each and every day for the next 17 years, more than 10,000 American “baby boomers” will hit retirement age. That is based on 65 being considered retirement age (although many 65-year-olds I know haven’t the slightest intention of abandoning their careers anytime soon). Nevertheless, the impact that this demographic wave will have on everybody is bound to be substantial.

      In the housing industry, even seniors who are anything but retired will be gravitating toward newer, smaller homes that better fit the lifestyle of adults whose children are now out on their own. So some fine-tuning of property listings will be in order. I expect more Nutley property listings to start emphasizing smaller footprints and some other basics that reflect some of those changing lifestyle priorities.

      Cost of living factors can be expected to replace good employment opportunities as a leading geographical consideration.  Since most retirees will find themselves shifting to a fixed or limited income, property listings may start to include their area’s score on the National Cost of Living Index. The NCLI is based on an average of 100: cities with a cost of living index of 80 to 90 are usually considered favorable for retirees. We can expect more local property listings to highlight it.

      Weather and seasonal factors should take new prominence. There is a good reason why previous generations of retirees chose homes located in the western Sunbelt states and the southeastern region. Many retirees prefer warm weather and temperate climates. There are physical and medical advantages – not to mention added months of golf, tennis and beach going!

      Proximity to family members is the one perpetual consideration that won’t be changing anytime soon. Grandparents cannot fully dote if the kids are all the way across the country. Yet indicators have been growing that their more mobile mindset has at least some seniors compromising in this regard: property listings that note major airports close by are growing in number. (Call it ‘portable doting.’)

      In the end, the choice of a new home that fits anyone’s later years is largely a matter of what you and your spouse want out of the freedom of your latter years. For clients who are selling, it’s a basic part of my service to know how to create Nutley property listings that emphasize the features currently rate highest with prospective buyers – baby boomers or not!

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        Nutley Buyer’s Agent Boosts Short Sale Odds

        Last month, the number of new foreclosures listed nationally barely crept upward — even as average sale prices leapt dramatically. Realtytrac compiles the numbers, and they show a sizeable 10%+ jump in foreclosure sales prices from July to August. Of course, homes listed as foreclosures and short sales still close at prices markedly lower than homes sold in traditional transactions, but that rise in price seems to say that more buyers are feeling confident that a home purchased now will look like a wise move in the future.

        If you have been looking at the distressed property market in Nutley, these numbers suggest that the short sale and foreclosure possibilities are still being created — and that the value they represent is getting a boost of market verification. But before anyone rushes out to take advantage of that market, it’s a good idea to consider enlisting the help of a buyer’s agent. It’s no exaggeration to say that a great buyer’s agent can help make or break a short sale.

        Helping you find a price that works is one of the most valuable services a buyer’s agent will supply. Banks will turn down a short sale if they determine it is possible to sell a home at a price closer to its market value. Nobody wants to overpay — but you won’t get a house by overplaying your hand, either.  A knowledgeable Nutley buyer’s agent with a local market track record can be invaluable when it comes to determining how the price you are contemplating is likely to be received at the bank.

        As Realtytrac’s report suggest, it’s a fast-moving market. Anyone who has fallen in love with a house only to learn that theirs was the least attractive offer knows the sting of underestimating the market.  An experienced buyer’s agent can help you determine if it is likely that there are multiple offers on a home — and whether a bidding war is likely to ensue.  If you want that house, a savvy buyer’s agent can be your secret weapon.

        In the larger picture, stepping back from the sometimes emotional side of the process, a well-versed Nutley buyer’s agent can help you determine if a home offered as a short sale is a good buy overall. Even when a home is priced well below market value, some wind up needing costly repairs that consume the cash saved on the purchase price. You need to compare apples to apples — a great buyer’s agent can help you compare the potential real cost of buying a home that initially might have appeared to be available at an irresistible discount.

        If you are curious about Nutley homes in the short sale and foreclosure markets, I am standing by to put my experience to work for you. Supplying the knowledge that helps make excellent long-term decisions — then applying strategies that put them into action – are the ways I’ve built a reputation for hard work and solid results. Call me anytime!

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          A Short Sale is a PROACTIVE process!

          I run into this all the time, someone will have their home for sale or on the market for two sometimes almost three years not to realize that the Agent or The Attorney are not doing what they are supposed too and they blame the lengthy process on the bank, meanwhile the home owners just get deeper and deeper into the foreclosure process with nothing left but to foreclose on the home. Here is some news for you home owners trying to Short Sale your home, THE BANK DOES NOT WANT YOUR HOUSE! yes the banks are very busy, yes the process can become a little crazy but they are willing to work with you at some point, you need a qualified agent and a experiences attorney who will be willing to be proactive contact the bank on your behalf and push the issue with the bank, I have had many short sale successes after I found the right attorney. I still keep running into homeowners who don’t understand the process not that it is their fault the people coaching them did not explain it to them, I am just as eager to get all these short sales off the market as well that is why I am so proactive when i take on a short sale listing. If you have any questions about short sales etc. Please drop me a line 973-846-0065 or email me at

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            Why You Need a Real Estate Agent in Nutley

            There is so much information flooding the Internet about how to buy or sell a home yourself without a real estate agent. However, despite all that available information, many buyers and sellers who choose to go through the process without a real estate agent regret their decision. On average, for-sale-by-owner transactions result in less exposure and less money for the home. Also, buyers who decide to do it on their own often find that their choices are very limited, and they have no representation during the process. Regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller, here are 5 reasons why you need a real estate agent:

            1. Education and Experience

            Let’s face it. Many people think they know what they’re doing when they’re buying or selling a home because they’ve read some articles on the Internet about it. The reality is that most people eventually realize there is so much involved in the process they didn’t know about and end up paying the price. Most real estate agents are familiar with market conditions. Information such as the average cost per square foot of similar homes, average sales prices, and average days on the market can have an impact on your selling or buying decisions. Agents can guide clients to make the best pricing decision for themselves because of their knowledge and experience.

            2. Marketing

            The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is an essential tool that real estate agents have ready access to. They also have experience with newspaper and magazine ads, Internet listings, and a network of other agents. You may have access to many of these tools, but a real estate agent has expertise utilizing them. These marketing tools will get you more exposure and likely help sell your home faster if you’re a seller and assist you in finding the best deal on a home if you’re a buyer.

            3. Negotiation Skills

            Agents aren’t emotionally involved in the process as much as the buyer or seller, and good agents are skilled in the art of negotiating. They can also act as a buffer between you and the buyer or seller.

            4. Paperwork

            Purchase agreements consist of many pages of paperwork. Even the smallest mistake in paperwork can cost you thousands or even land you in court. A good real estate agent knows that scaling the mountain of paperwork to ensure there are no mistakes and nothing is missed is his job.

            5. Questions After Closing

            Many questions can arise after closing on a home, and a good real estate agent won’t leave you searching for the answers yourself.

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              I am Now a “Certified Negotiation Expert”

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                Cambridge Heights Town Homes in Nutley NJ

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                  Open House in Nutley- Sunday 9/23 1-3pm

                  125 Rhoda Ave Nutley-Open House
                  Imagine Living in one of the most desirable areas of Nutley (Spring Garden) and spending cool nights on your own three season porch, while hosting a marvelous dinner in your formal dining room, while you light a warm fire in your marble encased wood burning fire place in the gorgeous Cape. See how the gleam of the wood floors and the crown molding just frame out every room and the stainless appliances make the granite counter tops glow. Your friends will be jealous when they see you in your new home.

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                    Certified Negotiation Expert (NJ Real Estate)

                    Just finishing up my Certified Negotiation Expert Class in Wayne New Jersey, Learned some new interesting techniques for my Home Buyers and Home Sellers in NJ, Now not only am I Short Sale Certified but I now offer my Expert Negotiation Skills to get you the best deal possible if your buying or selling a home in New Jersey.

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