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    Nutley Real Estate Agent Relocation Tips

    As moving time approaches, most internal stress meters start twitching around the time we have to figure out how many cartons it’s going to take. A cross-town move is one thing — sometimes you can even handle it yourself (with the help of bribable friends and relatives, of course).

    But suppose you have just accepted a new job promotion in Nutley. Of course, you’re immediately excited by the adventurous prospect of the summer’s relocation.  But suppose our town is located in a new zip code – and maybe even a new state. Your move up the professional ladder could also mean spending a lot more time and money on the move itself…and once here, the demands of your new position will double your need to pay attention to business.

    Fear not: your Nutley real estate agent has seen how clients achieve a smooth transition with a minimum of stress. And we are happy to share some of the strategies that work best:

    1. Lighten the load. The more belongings you and your movers have to pack, carry, and unpack again, the more costly the move will be. You can significantly lower the cost by getting rid of all the possessions you no longer use on a regular basis (there are probably more than you think!). Hold a yard sale, donate to charity, or just give those items to friends and family.  We real estate agents are forever advising clients to de-clutter, but this holds doubly true when you are relocating.  When you’re done, you’ll feel like a huge burden has been lifted from your shoulders! Stress meter: down.

    2. Plan in advance.  Real estate agents and relocation pros will always stress advance planning. As soon as possible, sit down and list the steps you need to take, then put them in order. You will find this gives you more time to make decisions, and more time to shop (and save money). For example, if you are buying an area house and are working under a strict deadline, you could back yourself into a hurried decision instead of allowing time for your agent to expose you to all the additional options.  By planning ahead — meeting with your Nutley real estate agent as far in advance as possible — you can allot enough time to establish a relationship that allows your agent to introduce the full range of neighborhood options. Stress meter: down.

    3. Consider using professionals. Before dismissing the idea of hiring professional movers because of cost, spend a day obtaining estimates from at least two or three companies, then compare with do-it-yourself moving costs.   You can often obtain a binding estimate that is valid for about 60 days.  Compare those figures with the cost of renting a truck, driving the distance, and hiring moving help on one or both ends.  Hiring professionals is a one-time cost that will relieve you of the hassle – not to mention the emotional toll – at a time when your attention should be directed to your profession. Stress meter: way down!

    The move to a new town can be anywhere from nerve-jangling to serene.  If your future could include relocating to our area, please feel free to contact me for some practical local advice.  We have many excellent neighborhoods here in Nutley that I’d love you to see!

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        Unexpected Rise Could Encourage Nutley Home Sales

        The housing industry recovery has been underway for a while now, but for the most part, the upward movement has been moving at a snail’s pace. Experts are in broad agreement that the trend is there — but the turnaround rate has been tepid. For those of us watching from our Nutley perspective, it’s been a pretty unexciting rebound.

        So last week’s good national news on existing home sales was especially welcome, because the report indicated that the 5.9% increase was more than three times greater than economists expected. According to the National Association of Realtors in Washington, the index of pending home resales climbed 5.9% to 101.1.  This matches the two-year high reached in March.

        “This improvement adds to the recent flow of good news on the housing sector, reinforcing our view that this beleaguered sector is finally on the mend” was what Millan Mulraine, a senior U.S. strategist at TD Securities in New York, wrote to his firm’s clients. Bloomberg News’ 39-economist survey had called for a 1.5% gain in May. Tripling that — and more — was wholly unexpected, especially in light of recent reports of weakening consumer sentiment.

        Continued low mortgage rates, first-time buyer affordability, and a general sentiment that we have reached the bottom in home sales continue to contribute to the home sales rebound. Additional good news came specifically for developers and builders: a Commerce Department report showed in June that new home sales climbed to 7.6%.  New dwellings accounted for almost 7% of the market last year, compared to a high of 15% during the market peak.

        So what does such national home sales data mean to home sales here in Nutley?  Good news is good news as far as I’m concerned, but real estate – as we all know – is nothing if not local.   If you are considering selling your home and want the latest local information on prices and market activity, contact me to discuss those trends and how they are affecting our own Nutley home sales. 

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          Feng Shui: Ancient Aid for Your Local Open House

          Everybody has at least heard of it: Feng Shui — the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with your surroundings. Applying feng shui to make your Nutley open house a hit may seem like a stretch, but not after we’ve been introduced to how much common sense it makes. Homeowners who are open to taking advantage of every angle to sell their home can readily apply some feng shui principles to good effect. And they don’t have to become students of mysticism in the process!

          Here are three feng shui principles that can improve your home before an open house:

          1. Allow the free flow of energy

          Feng shui imagines that the vital energy called “Chi” should flow freely through your home. You don’t have to believe in an invisible power to make use of this principle – just think of Chi as water. Stand at your front door and picture how water would flow from the entrance and room to room, then pick out the places where it would stagnate. Before your open house, clear out any furniture that might impede movement and the flow of the water (the Chi). As an agent, I can help you spot which pieces of furniture are so heavy or bulky that they block the natural “flow” of the house, improving every visitor’s walk-through in the process.

          2. Pay attention to lighting

          Lighting is an important part of feng shui: softening being the key theme. You should favor soft lights, which are understood to promote positive energies (think ‘cheerful moods’). When lighting a particular room, favor multiple light sources instead of single bright lights. For a daytime open house, allow sunlight to enter by making sure you unblock the windows and open blinds and curtains.

          3. Remove clutter

          Clutter represents darker, stagnant energy that will sap the positive energies of your home. This is one place where my experience and feng shui couldn’t be more in harmony: clutter can really impede the sale of an otherwise fine home. Remove clutter from view, storing it away during your open house or showing. Keep your decor to a minimum: the space will seem to open up (not to mention how it will free up the flow of Chi!).

          You don’t have to become a feng shui master to take advantage of some of its simple design principles that can lead to a more successful local open house.  If you’re looking to sell a home and seek an agent with proven creative marketing techniques, contact me anytime. I will be honored to provide you with a complimentary consultation.

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            Nutley Burglaries Can Be Thwarted by Simple Actions

            Ahhhh! At the end of a busy day, who doesn’t look forward to the surge of well being that comes with closing the door behind you, finally able to relax now that the world is at bay. Whether living in apartments or homes, everyone deserves that feeling of safety and security. Yet, like most everything else, real security has to be earned.

            In the area of home security, we’ve come across both good and bad news. The good: the most recent FBI report shows that the number of burglaries is decreasing across the nation. The bad: burglaries are still responsible for 23% of property crimes, and total losses for those were estimated at more than $15,000,000,000. That’s billion.  Fortunately, a few very simple actions can reduce the chances that any of our Nutley homes will become one of those statistics.

            Close and Lock Doors and Windows

            This may seem obvious, but the FBI reports that burglars don’t use force in about a third of homes hit by burglaries. If a criminal can gain easy access through an open or unlocked window or door — including the garage door — his job becomes that much easier…and, from his point of view, that much safer (yes, burglars are safety-conscious!). Since most burglaries take place during the day, local homes will be significantly more secure if their owners remember to check the windows and doors whenever they leave.

            Opt For Deadbolt Locks

            Most people don’t realize how flimsy most front door locks actually are. While no lock is impenetrable, deadbolts take longer to break. Since burglars look for the easiest way to enter homes, most will give up and find homes with more vulnerable locks.  This seems a small detail, but thoughtful protection like this can be a selling point for Nutley homes whenever their owners decide to put them up for sale.

            Install a Home Security System

            Whether a simple burglar alarm or a complex system with motion sensors, window and door sensors, surveillance cameras and even 24/7 off-site monitoring, burglars who find that they are expected know they will be risking arrest. It’s why statistics show that just having a security sign out front can help deter break-ins.  The cost of security systems can be partially offset by a discount (usually 5% – 10%) from your home’s insurer.

            An important part of owning homes is protecting them — and ‘the buck stops’ with you, the owner. I hope you will consider me a trusted resource for Nutley home maintenance and security-related referrals anytime!


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                3 Bedrooms
                2 Bath
                With in-law suite
                Large Drive Way Close to NYC

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                  Nutley Residential Real Estate Part of Global Picture

                  For quite a while, Nutley residential real estate holders – that is, homeowners – haven’t had to work very hard to come up with a description for the U.S. real estate market. ‘Lousy’ certainly came to mind. ‘Bleak’ was a strong contender. ‘Cautiously optimistic,’ at best a distant third.

                  So this month’s Wall Street Journal report came as a quiet reminder that, for serious-minded investors who view our situation from a less-involved perspective, our residential real estate outlook is neither lousy nor bleak. In fact, the combination of lower residential prices and the international currency environment has created a ‘property-buying binge’ by Asians, Canadians, Europeans and Latin Americans – more than 60% of whom pay in cash.

                  “There’s this international view that America is on sale,” according to one property manager. He should know; he’s an executive whose Chicago-based company buys foreclosed homes and manages them for investors. A year ago, all of his investors were domestic. Now, one in five is foreign.

                  Whereas before, most foreign residential real estate investors were interested in ‘trophy’ properties to enhance their personal prestige, the new onslaught is coming from buyers who see that they can earn high returns by buying here, renting, then reselling in the future when the market rebounds. It seems that in many countries, a residential real estate downturn is expected, but has yet to occur. In their estimation, ours is already history.

                  It looks like “a gift,” according to one developer, who judges that an oceanfront condominium in Rio de Janeiro sells a level 50% higher than an equivalent property in Miami. International or domestic, investment money is always drawn to bargains — but when bargain basement prices are combined with the perceived safety represented by U.S. residential real estate, the lure is apparently irresistible.

                  “FOREIGNERS SNAP UP PROPERTIES IN THE U.S.” was Nick Timiraos’ headline, with a caption that read, “To many Americans, plowing money into real estate has never looked like such a risky venture. But to many foreigners, U.S. housing has never looked like a smarter investment.”

                  Thanks, Nick, for giving us some outside perspective; I guess we can adopt the ‘cautiously optimistic’ view with a lot more confidence. If you have been waiting on the sidelines to make your own Nutley residential real estate investment, I hope you will give me a call when you decide that now is the time. I’m standing by to help you find the property you’re looking for!

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                    Open House in Bergen County New Jersey 1-4pm

                    505 Mountain Ave
                    Washington Township, NJ 07676


                    Single Family Home
                    3 Bedrooms
                    2 Bathrooms
                    1 Unit

                    More Photos and Additional Info

                    Great Home In Bergen County!

                    Great Home in A Very Desirable Area of Bergen County



                    Interested? See more information or schedule showing

                    For more information, contact (973) 778-4500

                    Agent photo

                    Matthew DeFede

                    Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
                    Phone: (973) 778-4500

                    Listing agent/broker:
                    Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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