The Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in Nutley NJ

These are the top 5 most expensive homes in Nutley New Jersey

The Most Expensive Homes in Nutley

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    The Search for the Perfect Nutley Listing Agent

    No matter what triggers your decision to sell, a crucial next step for every homeowner is selecting the Nutley listing agent who will bring in the best results. If you don’t already have a bead on a leading area star producer, there are any number of factors that can help guide your listing agent choice. Some will be narrowly applicable to your home’s special characteristics, and some will be more universal.

    The first consideration should be deciding whether you will be best served by tapping a specialist. Perhaps your property cleanly falls into the luxury category; perhaps it could best be offered as a supremely rentable vacation property. If it belongs in a specialized real estate niche, your first move may be to seek an agent who promotes his or her expertise dealing with that specific market.

    If that’s not the case, and if you know somebody who has sold a home recently, ask him or her for details about the experience. While online forums offers plenty of reviews, the most dependable way to get a candid and unbiased opinion on a Nutley listing agent is to ask someone who has had recent personal dealings. Ask what they liked best about their listing agent, and what, if anything, they would have changed.

    In any case, before settling on the listing agent in Nutley who will be your marketing partner, speak to an alternate candidate or two. Don’t be afraid to offend them if they don’t wind up as your first choice: remember, they are pros. And (incidentally) it won’t hurt that more than one agent has advanced knowledge that your property will soon be on the market!

    Even when time is a factor, don’t rush too much in choosing your listing agent. A few extra days devoted to making the right decision can save weeks (or months!) later. If you are preparing to bring your home to market, I always offer you a no-obligation in-home consultation — and always put the strength of my network to work for you.  For proof — just ask!

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      Nutley Mortgage Rate Hikes Pose Riddle

      This is one of those multiple-choice questions: which is true – A, B, C, D, or E?

      A) If the headline reads NUTLEY MORTGAGE RATES ON THE RISE! it means it’s time to buy (quick) before they go up further!

      B) If the headline reads NUTLEY MORTGAGE RATES FALL! it means it’s time to buy (quick) to cash in on the savings!

      C) If the headline reads NUTLEY MORTGAGE RATES UNCHANGED! it means it’s time to buy (quick) while the rates are stable!

      D) All of the above.

      E) None of the above.

      My answer is below (and it’s not even upside-down), but before anyone even looks down there, I’d like to mention that there is an equally valid second question, which would read ‘sell’ instead of ‘buy.’

      This week is a good time to be pondering both questions. It looks as if the long-lived swoon in mortgage interest rates is about over. “Looks as if” is a carefully chosen phrase, because what seems inevitable in finance has a strong track record of proving wrong. One of the dangers that our current environment presents is that everyone has been correct (about mortgage rates staying in the cellar) for such a long time that they’ve grown accustomed to rates being predictable. They aren’t.

      So the answer to the question is (drum roll, please): E).

      It’s a trick question: when it comes to buying or selling a home, doing anything “quick!” just because of a one-week dip or rise in Nutley mortgage rates is a bad idea. It’s a big decision, one that should be entered into with care and forethought. But if you were to remove the “quick!” from the question, I’d personally tend a little more toward D), but only because I don’t think local mortgage rates are likely to fall right away. And rates today are still, historically, very low.

      Good time to buy, good time to sell. Thoughtfully.

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        For Under 2ook! w / Boat Dock

        Greenwood Lake Home For Sale

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          Water Management Saves Nutley Homeowners $$

          Nutley Homes For Sale

          It can be a real forehead-smacker.

          Sometimes it’s only after Nutley homeowners finish preparing their properties for sale that it hits them how much they could have benefitted had they made those improvements earlier. Some of the improvements that appeal to today’s home buyers make real pocketbook sense: in the long run, the savings they bring can easily pay for themselves.

          Take water. Summer weather makes us think more about water conservation — but conserving it is only one facet of household use. Leaky faucets are the most well known issue. On the surface, they may not look as though they are wasting enough water to worry about, but when savvy buyers hear that ‘drip drip drip’ when they’re touring properties for sale, they may already know that a single slow drip can easily amount to a whole bathtub every day. This is usually the easiest problem to fix — often repairable with simple DIY tools. Those with properties for sale in town having multiple dripping faucets might also consider recruiting a plumber for the job, just to make sure that that’s not a symptom of more widespread problems apt to crop up come inspection time.

          More hefty savings come your way by upgrading toilets to models that display the Water Sense label. Research shows that over their lifetime they can save literally thousands of dollars. Nutley properties for sale with several of these installed have a feature worth bragging about.

          One connection that’s important but often overlooked is the fact that water can be an energy hog! As much as 14% of a home’s energy bill goes to heating it. Preparing properties for sale can include the simple fix of a thermal water tank jacket. These insulating wraps are easy to install, and keep tanks from cooling too quickly. If a water heater needs replacing, another option is to look for the improved insulation that’s a built-in feature of some newer energy saving models.

          If you’re looking to buy or sell your Nutley home anytime soon, I’ll be here all summer long to help with your real estate plans.  Call me today!

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            What Makes a Great Mortgage Broker in Nutley?

            Getting a mortgage in Nutley these days can be more involved than in years past, not least because their historically low rates make them so desirable. That loan can make or break a fantastic deal — the kind of deal you don’t want to lose when you come across it! Central to the process of getting a mortgage is your mortgage broker…but how do you know when you’ve found a great one?

            These are some of the qualities I believe most often point to the answer:

            • Truly outstanding mortgage brokers get tons of referrals from previous clients and their real estate agents…while other less well-appreciated or experienced brokers must constantly solicit new business. BUT (a very important ‘but’) that is not to say that a mortgage broker who solicits isn’t perfectly well qualified; simply, if you have selected a broker through his marketing, be sure to ask for a few recent references — and speak with them!
            • Getting a mortgage often obligates as much as a third of a household’s income, so it’s vital that it fit properly into the overall financial picture. A great mortgage broker asks the right questions to find a product that best fits your long-term goals, even when they aren’t the easiest ones to ask.
            • The rules governing mortgage transactions have changed significantly in the last few years — and they were plenty complicated to begin with. Learning much of the process on the fly is part of the challenge facing brokers who are new to the field. When you are getting a mortgage in Nutley, if you suspect yours will be anything other than a straightforward process, it may be best to look past a newly licensed broker. An easy way to learn how much experience your broker has is to inquire about his work experience over the last 10 years.

            Getting a mortgage in Nutley can be complicated, but it’s often decisive for your real estate transaction. I’ll be happy to introduce you to some of my proven local favorites. It’s one way we’ll be ready to go when we find you the perfect house!

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              When Nutley’s Short Sales Are Right for You

              Short sales in our Nutley can hold the key to more than one real estate-related issue. For cash-strapped borrowers, short sale success means relieving an unsustainable obligation without having to go through foreclosure. For sharp-eyed buyers, local short sales can present outstanding opportunities to purchase properties otherwise beyond their affordability range.

              Both are reasons to applaud the rising number of short sales. Nationally, the latest projections foresee a continuation of their rising trajectory. The OCC’s most recent report on mortgage performance credits short sales for the decline in both serious mortgage delinquencies and completed foreclosures.

              For potential short sale buyers, several questions are good to keep in mind as you weigh the bottom line value represented by Nutley short sales currently being offered —

              Are there outstanding taxes?

              The majority of sellers who opt for area short sales do so because they simply can’t keep up with the mortgage payments. No surprise that this sometimes means that outstanding taxes or liens are also lurking somewhere. A simple title search you or your agent order can determine whether this the case and if so, how significant a problem it presents.

              Is damage part of the picture?

              Sellers who opt for short sales may not take as much care of the premises as those seeking full price. Whether caused through neglect or because of frustration, the possibility of damage is important to recognize. Before proceeding, do a cautious job of determining the true condition of the property.

              Are you actually getting a good deal?

              Like the merchandise you find beneath a department store ‘SALE!’ banner, short sales don’t automatically mean great value for you and your family. If the price is close to the asking prices of other local properties, you may not be getting as much for your money as you could. Be open to making a lower offer — or to looking elsewhere!

              After you have asked and answered all the important questions, today’s local short sales can offer fantastic opportunities. In any case, if you are ready to find a standout value in town, contact me today to start the process!

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                Nutley MLS Listing Means a Network Working for You

                If you are selling a home in Nutley  this year, even in the improving market you certainly know there is a great deal more to it than sticking a sign in your front yard. It will be a competition between like-minded homeowners — some with very competitive properties to offer. This is where the help of a trained professional and the network that is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can make all the difference.
                You’ve probably worked with it before: the MLS is a central online database hub where licensed real estate agents representing available homes list and promote them. It’s a central marketplace in the same way that the New York Stock Exchange is (only without a NASDAQ to
compete for customers). The National Association of Realtors® found that the great majority of all properties sold last year were listed through an MLS. From a seller’s perspective, there are ample reasons why this is so.
                Listing a property through the MLS means that you are doing better than assigning just your agent to do your marketing for you. Instead, you are enlisting all Nutley agents to sell your property to their clients.
                When you think about it, that means a lot of agent fees saved! By hiring just one agent, you gain access to the network of hundreds (potentially, thousands) of qualified professionals working for a portion of the same fee you already agreed to. Apart from this expanded workforce, you gain an almost unimaginably wider reach to consumers. Many prospects view our town’s MLS listings directly through their agent, but many in other areas see them via the many websites to which our Nutley MLS syndicates its listings. Exposing your listing to millions of potential buyers means accessing a much larger purchasing pool.
                To have your property appear in the local MLS, you need only enlist an agent or pay a licensed service to do it for you. If you are considering listing your home, contact me to discuss how the MLS plus my other marketing tools can make your home sale one of this summer’s success stories!

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                    Why Some FSBOs in Nutley Fizzle!

                    In the business publishing world, one of the most reliable bestseller categories is Marketing and Sales: How to Sell This, or Tips for Selling That. Selling may be a complicated business, but one approach always sets you ahead of the pack: putting yourself in the shoes of the customer.

                    Selling a Nutley home is a case in point. When it comes to searching for a new home, today’s prospects find two types of homes for sale — ones offered by a Nutley real estate agent, and those For Sale by Owner (FSBO). When you look at the rate of sales between the two, it has long been the case that most often the FSBOs do poorly compared with those sold by agents.

                    So why, exactly, do so many FSBOs fail to live up to expectations?

                    Putting yourself in the shoes of the customer sheds light on at least one good reason. Real estate professionals make their living by closing sales, and that means knowing how to handle the technical details: the paperwork. Customers (the home buyers) can usually tell right away if a property is being marketed by someone who is a real estate amateur. With an investment as large as a home at stake, no one welcomes a gamble that any part of the documentation may later prove flawed in some detail. There is also the fact that Realtors® sometimes steer their own home-buying clients away from area For Sale by Owner properties — especially after seeing too many instances of sellers not educated enough about required disclosures, inclusions, etc.

                    The For Sale by Owner route also sometimes hits a pricing snag. Owners often set a price on their home that they feel they deserve — rather than a realistic price supported by current market research. An average of 12% FSBOs get the pricing right…barely more than 1 in 10.

                    If you are currently trying a Nutley For Sale by Owner gambit that’s not getting results, I am always happy to offer a complimentary consultation. It’s a second opinion that will open up new options (and maybe save you a lot!)

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