5 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure When You Are Away


1) Do Not Announce On Your Facebook or Blog That You Are Not Going To Be Home

I know that family fun photos are great and we all do it, posting photos of where we are at that moment and time we are away be it may be best to take your photos and upload them when you get back home. Burglars could be people that are stalking your profile on Facebook and waiting for you to go away so they can easily break in your home.


2) Keep Your Tools & Lawn Maintenance Equipment Locked Away in A Shed

A shovel are a rake could be a great tool to break a window or force a door jam also, a ladder is easy access for a thief to attain 2nd floor access windows very easily, so lock everything away.


3) Keep a light on or keep outdoor sensor lights on when you are away

Thieves do not like to work in the light so motion sensor lights are the best as well as putting a light in a timer in the home


4) Invite a neighbor to park their car in your driveway when your away

Cars in driveways make thieves think that someone is in the home, if you have a second car leave it at home and park it in the driveway not the garage, or ask a neighbor to park in your driveway when you are away.


5) Have the post office hold all your mail & stop newspaper delivery

A sure sign of someone being away is an overstuffed mail box and newspapers sitting on the front step, stop delivery for a week or for however long your away.


I hope you found these tips useful and for more tips go to http://www.Allwyckoffrealestate.com

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    Conceptions & Misconceptions About Credit Scoring

    Nutley Credit Score

    Whether Nutley residents are looking for a home equity line of credit, a refi, or a new mortgage, when it comes to getting a loan, everyone knows that it’s the credit score that ultimately determines the outcome. Yet when it comes to a working knowledge of what major factors affect your score, a new survey shows that many of us are less certain than we should be.

    The Consumer Federation of America is a nonprofit outfit that from time to time releases reports designed to improve that situation. Their latest is a sort of report card on how much average adults understand about credit scoring —  the key factor in getting a loan of any kind.

    On the plus side of the report card, CFA says that people who have obtained one or more of their own credit scores within the past year from one of the 3 credit bureaus are significantly better-informed than those who have not. No surprise there. Those people tend to know that there are three large credit bureaus (although how anyone who watches TV doesn’t already know that is a mystery to me).

    On the minus side, more men than women misunderstand how age and marital status affect their credit scores (those factors have no effect). Men, on the other hand, “are more skeptical than women  about the value of credit repair agencies.” CFA doesn’t go into why that is, but I’d like to think that it’s because they understand that a more straightforward way to repair your credit is to pay all bills on time.

    Sandwiched in among the charts and graphs are various bits of good advice for any local resident getting a loan. A few bear repeating:

      1. Avoid maxing out credit cards; try not to even get close
      2. Pay down debt instead of just moving it from account to account
      3. Keep track of your credit from time to time, even if you’re not planning on getting a loan right away

    If you are planning to become a Nutley buyer or seller in the near future, I’m here to help you make the most it. Call me anytime.

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    The Best Real Estate Agent in Nutley Helps First Time Buyers Find a Home,

    Nutley House

    Each day, any number of tenants see the perfect Nutley house for sale, yet fail to go ahead and investigate further. Making the move from tenant to homeowner is, after all, one of life’s major decisions — so no matter how perfect such a find might be, making the leap can seem daunting.

    According to the Rental Protection Agency, by last week there were more than 107,000,000 renters in the US — a number that increases by 2,600 a day. In other words, if you are a little unsure about snapping up even the most perfect Nutley house for sale, you are hardly alone. Still, there is that nagging suspicion that homeownership brings substantial financial advantages to some people…

    Fortunately, there are concrete indicators that when a Nutley house for sale looks like a good fit for your family, it will be a good fit for your financial future, too. As a rule, if you qualify for a mortgage, you stand to benefit from homeownership, too.

    One of the main reasons people don’t take advantage of an otherwise ideal house for sale has to do with their credit history. Qualifying takes a credit rating that pencils out to merit a mortgage with beneficial terms.

    If you have savings that are substantial enough to serve as a down payment (generally somewhere between the FHA’s 3.5% to as much as 20%), you have an important leg up.

    Importantly, in the big picture, you need to gauge your overall financial stability. No one can see 100% into the future, but even if a Nutley house for sale is a great value and ideal for you, unless in your income has been steady for at least two years, you probably should wait (and most lenders would agree).

    With good credit, savings for a down payment, and a steady income, you are likely to belong to the group which sees substantial long term benefits from homeownership. If you find a Nutley house for sale that seems well suited to your needs, here’s an undaunting first step: call me today to help get you pre-qualified!


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        Three Questions to Ask New Neighbors When Relocating

        3 Tips For Buying A Home in Nutley NJ

        Homes For Sale in Nutley

        With more than 43 million people relocating throughout the U.S. every year, you don’t have to wait until you are surrounded by stacks of cartons to realize how important it is to make your next move the right one. If you’re buying a house in Nutley in the foreseeable future, it’s a particularly valuable idea to take the time to chat with some of your potential new neighbors. And while you’re at it, why not bring up a few relevant questions:

        Which schools are best? 

        School quality affects more than just property values. Especially if you have your own kids, buying a house in town is least disruptive when their new school is the best one available. You’ll make the soundest choice by comparing more than one parent’s opinion.

        Is there a neighborhood watch?

        You will have already aimed for the safest area possible. Now, getting involved with an active neighborhood watch can further ensure your family’s safety. When buying a house, the presence of a neighborhood watch is a good indicator of some solid community spirit…and if there isn’t one, make sure the reason is that everyone already feels secure in the area.

        What events are available in town?

        Buying a house means buying a home base for all your family’s activities. By asking your neighbors which Nutley events and activities they enjoy the most, you’ll get a glimpse of the scope and depth of the cultural life that’s going to surround you. As a side benefit, just inquiring shows you as someone who is sociable — and that you’ll be a good new neighbor to have!

        The simple act of reaching out in this way lets you familiarize yourself with a new neighborhood faster, and ultimately leads to a better-informed long term real estate decision. Especially if the area is new to you and your family, buying a house in Nutley is actually a one-time opportunity to make a host of new friends. I have tons of information available for future residents. If you’re even considering buying a house in Nutley, don’t hesitate to call me today!

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          Nutley Real Estate Market Balancing Act: Rates vs. Rises Mortgage Rates Could Offset Nutley Housing Price Rises

          When the Wall Street Journal or Forbes run mortgage rate stories as their lead items, those of us who keep an eye on the Nutley  real estate market pay close attention. I frequently share what they say here. But when even the non-financial outlets like USA TODAY and the cable TV news channels give top billing to real estate market news, it’s a real attention-grabber.

          That’s what happened last week. USA TODAY’s online headline focused on the 15-year fixed mortgage rate, “at a record low 2.61%.” The cable news channels talked about record low rates, too (although if you hit the ‘pause’ button long enough to read the TV graphics, you saw that the national average for 30-year loans was still a shade away from the actual record low).

          Never mind that; it’s still surprising that mortgage rates continue to linger at such tempting lows.

          The reason is hardly a secret: the Federal Reserve is holding rates down to energize the real estate market — a key element of the overall economy. Yet, with existing home sales notching up in the first quarter at the briskest pace in four years, you would have thought that mortgage rates would have been loosened up at least somewhat. And with new home sales doing their best since 2008…

          Of course, it doesn’t matter what anyone expects: the results of dipping mortgage rates is just plain good news for everyone in the Nutley real estate market: buyers and sellers alike. Those low mortgage rates act to offset the rising U.S. house price index. The result for buyers is a more valuable home without the expected increase in the monthly payment. What more of an inducement to enter the real estate market could there be?

          In short, if you’re considering whether it’s time to buy (or to sell your current home and trade up without busting the household budget), last week’s national and local market signs are even clearer than they have been recently. There are definitely opportunities out there! Why not give me a call for an up-to-the-moment Nutley real estate market evaluation?

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            Options for Buying a Home After a Foreclosure Open Up

            “Time flies when you’re having a good time” we hear. But time can also pass quickly for those who’ve had to go through difficult times. Case in point is a million and a half borrowers who have recently experienced the pain of a foreclosure. That’s the estimated number of those who, by this time next year, will have waited long enough to again become eligible for an FHA loan.

            Anyone interested in buying a Nutley home after a foreclosure has come through a tough period. The standard waiting period for an FHA-guaranteed loan is 3-4 years following a foreclosure or short sale (though individual circumstances vary). Now that the weeks and months have ticked by, this sizable crop of newly eligible prospective ‘boomerang buyers’ may soon find themselves contemplating the option of buying a home after a foreclosure.

            That estimate of the size of the newly eligible was provided by Moody’s Analytics. Since they are key players in determining creditworthiness, it’s a source I trust. A chart of Moody’s count from the second quarter in 2011 (when their number was a mere 285,000) to next year’s second quarter 1,500,000 provides a convincingly uphill slope.

            Still, being eligible to apply does not mean automatically qualifying for an FHA (or any other) loan. Success in buying a Nutley home after a foreclosure continues to depend on the same standards that always apply. After the waiting game is over, having cured credit damage will become the prime requirement.
            To increase their chances of successfully buying a home after a foreclosure, Nutley prospects will have paid existing credit card and loan debts with the kind of unfailing regularity that reassures loan officers and credit analysts alike. If that hasn’t been the case, the time to begin is ASAP.

            Website Zillow predicts the next most influential group of buyers will be those who are looking to buy a home after a foreclosure or short sale. Nutley residents who are among them — and who are ready to make this their turnaround season — should give me a call. We can get started with the pre-approval process!

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              Nutley Home Listings & the Pool Premium

              Nutley PoolsWho isn’t ready for summer? One group that’s clearly already there is this spring’s sellers: everyone whose home listings in Nutley  are already racking up page views. For them and everyone contemplating taking advantage of the busy spring selling season, an interesting fact has come to light. It puts numbers on something that most of us feel intuitively.

              It was the Wall Street Journal that recently called attention to it. They uncovered a study from BYU showing that when home listings including swimming pools go into contract in the summer, their selling price is an average 0.22 percentage points higher than the baseline price for the rest of the year.

              This was a huge study that sampled more than four million housing transactions from 1998 to 2008 in 27 states. For a $500,000 home listing, that difference translates into a roughly $2,000 premium — just for selling a home when the thermometer’s popping!

              It does stand to reason: think of how inviting that cool blue water looks after a hot day of house hunting. Prospects have probably been driving from house to house in a car that’s had to have the AC cranked up. Then compare with January, when a look at a backyard swimming pool is more apt to summon up thoughts of trying to stabilize chlorine levels than of enjoying a plunge into chilly water.

              So how does this reflect on home listings in Nutley this spring? If you own a home with a pool and are putting off a decision to sell, the lesson seems to be that seasonal functionality is real — and working in your favor. The professors at BYU reported that, generally speaking, early spring is a good time to snag late summer buyers. I have to agree: when the weather is nice, my clients set a scene making it easy for potential buyers to picture themselves enjoying that pool. They bring out the deck chairs and the fluffy towels!

              Looking for local home listing tips? I’m here to offer suggestions!

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                Heads-up: Scammers Follow Nutley Missed Mortgage Payments

                When natural disaster strikes, you can be certain that two groups will soon be there: the Red Cross — and scam artists. Unfortunately, the same holds for turmoil of all kinds.

                Nutley homeowners who have missed mortgage payments should be aware that, in addition to getting their accounts back on track as soon as possible, they should be prepared to be targeted by unethical operators.

                Missed mortgage payments can cause a Nutley homeowner’s name to appear as ‘arrears’ on public tax records: it’s one way unscrupulous characters locate their victims. That can set off an onslaught of solicitations through the phone, mail, and possibly even at the front door! Normally level-headed householders can be misled by the prospect of a quick fix, especially since stress levels can be high. Knowing the telltale signs that a mortgage scam is in the offing can stop it before it gets far.

                One indication is any ‘cure’ that requires a large up-front payment to the mediating agent. Likewise, any proposal that involves repayment to anyone other than the lender — no matter how convincing the reasons offered — is not likely to be authentic.

                In one devious mortgage scam, the agency tries to convince you to sign over ownership of your property with the promise that you will be able to rent it back in a “lease-to-own” arrangement. That may sound convincing since some banks are experimenting with a similar option. But anyone other than the mortgage holder who proposes that you sign over the property deed or title to them is probably not working in your best interest. Likewise, an agency that seeks your power of attorney should raise another red flag — in this case, the agency could have the power to circumvent your wishes.

                If you’ve missed mortgage payments in town, your first action should always be to talk to a reputable attorney and financial advisor to sort out your available options. If selling your home is one — either by conventional or short sale — it’s my job to help make accomplishing that easier. Don’t hesitate to contact me with your private real estate needs.

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                  Turning Nutley ‘House for Sale’ Sign into ‘Sold’


                  For homeowners preparing a local house for sale, it’s often the single most difficult decision: what about the kitchen? When the kitchen is undeniably past its prime, it can be a true dilemma. We all know that kitchens can sell a home, but when the budget for a full-blown remodel doesn’t make financial sense, what are the alternatives?

                  Enter remodeling’s more practical first cousin: refacing. Faster, cheaper — and sometimes every bit as effective — kitchen refacing is a widely overlooked solution to a dated or otherwise less-than-desirable kitchen. It may not be the whole answer: sometimes appliance replacement needs to be seriously considered; sometimes a flooring problem can’t be ignored. It’s likely that hardware will need to be replaced. But refacing (covering the exposed surfaces of cabinets or countertops with a new fabricated surface) can result in the most dramatic cosmetic impact of all. Whether a thin veneer of real wood or long-lasting plastic laminate is used, before listing a local house for sale, it can pay to factor in refacing’s practical advantages:

                  • Refacing costs about half as much as a traditional remodel.
                  • A refacing project should take less than a week — ideal for sellers with a short timeframe for getting their house on the market.
                  • It’s a green solution: old cabinetry isn’t sent to the landfill, and some surfaces made from recycled materials are available.

                  Refacing may not fix an truly unworkable kitchen design, and you still need to resist the temptation to blow the budget on higher-end finishes, but in many cases, it solves the problem in a most practical way.

                  If you are readying your house for sale this spring and could use a second pair of eyes, I hope you’ll contact me for an in-home visit. We can go over the areas of your home that will most benefit from improvement, and prepare a marketing strategy that will turn your “house for sale” sign into one that reads “sold”!

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