Wyckoff Homes & Real Estate For Sale

Wyckoff Homes & Real Estate For Sale

Thinking about buying or selling a home in Wyckoff New chartJersey ( Bergen County)










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    Condo Fee History Helps Buyers See the Future

    A recent survey finds that among those who are seriously considering buying a condominium in the coming year, nearly a quarter of consider condo fees a key element in their decision.  According to the study, participants think HOA fees “feel a lot like paying rent” — sometimes causing buyers to switch focus toward properties for sale where they “won’t have to pay the [high] monthly fees.”

    Psychologically, it’s understandable. The concept of paying $400 or more a month (condo fees vary from $100 to $1,000) as a “fee” on top of a mortgage can indeed feel a lot like paying rent. But not all costs associated with owning property are readily apparent.

    For example, most condo fees include maintenance for common elements like landscaping, snow removal, exterior maintenance – sometimes even repair and window cleaning.  If you are the single owner of a home, all those costs are yours alone.

    While condo fees usually increase every year at the rate of inflation, each condo board sets its own rates.  While it might seem prudent to concentrate on condo properties for sale in Nutley  with only the lowest HOA fees, cheapest is not always best.

    Unrealistically low fees cause deferred maintenance down the road, and, especially when an older building is involved, the end of that road might be closer than anyone would wish. A well-maintained building, on the other hand, is far more likely to escape sudden costly upkeep emergencies. As a result, it is more likely to hold value, or even appreciate.

    If you are looking at condo properties for sale in Nutley, be sure to ask to review the history of the condo corporation, its maintenance reserve fund, and special assessments for anticipated repairs. The HOA fee history will reveal much.

    Whether your interest is in finding condominiums or any other Nutley properties for sale, I’m here to help you make your best, forward-looking real estate decision. Call me anytime to go over the latest area offerings.


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      When a Kitchen Shines, Real Estate Agents Beam

      Keeping control of your kitchen is one of the most basic actions you can take to help your real estate agent sell your home. The execution can be simple when it’s approached systematically.

      Especially during winter, kitchen control can seem an all but unmanageable task. Days are shorter; kids or pets may be cooped up inside; and everyone tracks winter through the kitchen all day long.  To help you keep your kitchen looking great (and your Nutleyl real estate agent beaming), some simple preparation is needed. That, plus sticking to a simple routine, will turn the impossible into a ‘done deal.’

        • Put appliances and gadgets away as soon as you use them. According to Realtor.com, removing the least frequently used items froKitchens in Nutleym kitchen counters is a proven way to make a home more inviting. Include items like can openers and coffee pots.  Flowers and a few cookbooks, though, are welcome to stay.
        • Spot-check nightly: More times than not, you will find items you missed putting away or cleaning during the busy part of your day. It’s easy to miss crumbs on the counter or dirt on the floor when you are trying to get out of the door for work or a meeting.
        • Consider eating pre-prepared meals (or ordering delivery) during periods when you know you will be actively showing the house (like the first two weeks on the market!). This will help with kitchen cleanliness, leave less work for you, and have the significant side effect of making the selling process less crazy-making. Cost a bit extra? Uncle Sam won’t think so, but for yourself, consider it a worthwhile business expense.

      Every Nutley real estate agent will agree that kitchens are a key selling point these days, so the effort you put into kitchen control is one of the top ways you have of bringing in top dollar for your area home.  Another way — one I’m happy to offer — is to call me! I am here to help you make the most of every step of the selling process.

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        Nutley Real Estate Outlives End of the World

        Nutley Real Estate Outlives End of the World

        Nutley Real Estate Survives The End of The World

        Having survived last week’s End of the World, you might think the coast would be clear for a while. But — at least when it comes to Nutley real estate matters — some would have you believe we are face-to-face with another extreme dire threat: the Internet buzz about a (gasp!) huge new federal sales tax on all real estate transactions.

        This one was all over the web even before passage of the federal health care act. It has staying power, and comes in several forms. The one that circulates most often is an email message warning that a 3.8% Medicare surtax that is going to hit “average, middle-class investors” on January 1. Supposedly ALL real estate transactions are subject to the tax “no matter how low their income might be…”

        If Nutley real estate holders (in other words, most of us) are more than a little skeptical about this supposed mega-tax, you can understand why. The End of the World was also an Internet rumor, but now that it’s clear the Mayans found a whole new calendar behind the last page of their old one (giving us a welcome 5,125-year reprieve), everyone is duly cautious about these dire email warnings.

        Now, I’m neither a tax attorney nor CPA, so I don’t offer tax advice — but I can tell you that you will be relieved if you visit any of the fact-checking resources (they survived the End of the World, too!). There you will find that only a tiny percentage of local real estate home sellers would ever fall under the new tax. It touches the extreme opposite of “average, middle class” homeowners. To even qualify for the tax, a couple has to have an income exceeding a quarter of a million dollars a year (before profits from real estate are counted). Even then, when a couple sells their personal residence, the sale has to clear $500,000 of profit before the tax would apply; ($250,000 for individual filers).

        Clients who might be affected by the new tax don’t need an Internet rumor to tell them to seek expert tax advice! So if you are preparing to sell in the New Year, don’t let the Web trouble you: give me a call!

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          Nutley Home Listings Reflect 2013 Buying Trends


          Nutley Home Listings Reflect 2013 Buying Trends

          Nutley Home Listings Reflect 2013 Buying Trends

          Homeowners who are puzzling over whether to add their property to the Nutley home listings this winter (rather than hold back until spring) have more than just timing to factor into their decision. How their offering will stack up alongside the other home listings is a prime consideration.

          The residential market has made good progress this year – and a strong majority of pundits expect more of the same for 2013. I deal with the home-buying public all the time, and so get an inside look and listen to what features and qualities wind up having the greatest impact on their buying decisions. Another way is to survey home listings across the nation to track buying trends: the features highlighted in home listings are just about the most market-sensitive indicator of all.

          A look at those home listings throughout the past year can be summed up briefly: Homebuyers wanted relatively smaller homes, manageability, lower property taxes and utility bills — in short, they gravitated toward properties that looked as if they would minimize expenses after buying as well as in the purchase itself.

          Associated prominent features dealt with location in a number of ways. “Within walking distance” was a frequently appearing phrase. “Walk Score” came into new prominence — to schools, coffee shops, grocery stores, or parks.  Importance of financial stability in the surrounding neighborhood can be implied from a number of popular phrases, and I can vouch for that in the attention I saw paid to various areas’ foreclosure rates.

          Practically every homebuyer will still be looking for a good deal, but in 2013, we can expect increasing attention to the intangible of future value. If you are considering selling your local home any time in 2013, now is the time to begin putting the idea into action.  Understanding buyers’ needs is a sound first step toward placing your home in position to stand out in the Nutley home listings — and I am standing by this year to help you do it!

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            Buying A Home in Cambridge Heights, Nutley NJ 07110

            Thinking about buying a home in Cambridge Heights in Nutley New Jersey?

            The median list price in December for single family homes in Nutley is $339,900. The list prices increased by 0.26%from the previous month. The price per square foot for listings in this area is $171. Buying A Home in Cambridge Heights, Nutley NJ 07110

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              Buying A Home in Nutley New Jersey

              Buying a home in NutleyBuying A Home in Nutley New Jersey

              Once you’ve made your list, contact your local Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agent to begin the home buying process. If you are not already working with a Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agent, you can click on Agent and Office Search on our home page. Be assured that by choosing a Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agent you will find a professionally trained, experienced agent to offer you agency representation options and full service.

              Your agent can put you in contact with Coldwell Banker Home Loans so you can be pre-approved for a mortgage even before starting the house hunting process. Although the pre-approval is not a final loan commitment, the pre-approval letter will demonstrate your financial strength and ability to go through with the purchase when you are ready to make an offer.

              Your agent can provide detailed information on almost any property currently listed for sale. This includes Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage listings as well as all other real estate broker listings on the Multiple Listing Service. In addition, your agent can also provide information on homes that you see advertised for sale in the newspaper or online. This also includes information on properties that are advertised “For Sale by Owner.” Your Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agent is the only resource you’ll need.

              In addition, during this initial phase of your home search, you may wish to begin the process of selecting a local Real Estate attorney to represent you once you have an accepted offer on a home. If needed, your agent can provide you with a list of local attorneys that specialize in real estate.

               The next step…you’ve found a home and you’re ready to make an offer

              The initial step will be to instruct your Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agent to make an offer. The paperwork process can vary between regions of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Please check with your Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agent to determine the regional differences, as some areas use Offer to Purchase Forms and others use Fill-in-the-Blank Contracts for Sale.

              Typically, you will provide your agent with the following information for them to relay to the seller’s associate regarding the paperwork required in their marketplace:

              • The amount you are willing to pay
              • Mortgage amount
              • Closing and occupancy dates
              • Contingencies, such as obtaining a mortgage, building inspections, and pest inspections to include where appropriate (but not limited to): termite, pest, radon, water potability, well, lead, septic, oil tank, etc.

               Any personal property specifically included or excluded If the offer is not acceptable to the seller, further negotiations may be necessary to reach terms agreeable to both buyer and seller. Because counter-offers are common (any change in the offer can be considered a counter-offer) it is important that you remain in close contact with your Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Sales Associate during the negotiation process so that proposed changes can be reviewed and responded to quickly.

              You have an Acceptable Offer!

              Since the Contract writing procedure, down payments required, building inspection contingency dates, etc., varies within regions of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, please consult with your Sales Associate so that they can inform you of the immediate action steps. Timing is critical at this stage!

              Between Contract and Closing

              Our exclusive Concierge program was developed to assist you with the services you need before, during, and after your move. From moving companies and new community information, to home improvement services we’re here to help you every step of the way. Please see the Concierge section within this Web site for further details. Our exclusive Concierge program was developed to assist you with the services you need before, during, and after your move. From moving companies and new community information, to home improvement services we’re here to help you every step of the way. Please see the Concierge section within this Web site for further details.

               What to expect at the closing

              The closing is a formal process where all parties sign all of the necessary paperwork needed to complete the transaction Title so the property is transferred from the seller to you. The seller receives payment for the home, and you receive the house keys! From the amount credited to the seller, the title representative subtracts the funds to pay off the existing mortgage and other transaction

              costs. Deeds, loan papers, and other documents are prepared, signed, and ultimately filed with local property record office.

              After the closing

              At closing and beyond, our Concierge service is here to assist you with all the details as you move into your new home! Please be sure to visit the Concierge Services section of our Web site.

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                Nutley Good Faith Estimate: It’s Part of the Deal

                Getting A Mortgage in Nutley New JerseyWhen you plan on getting a mortgage in Nutley  anytime this winter, you’re fairly certain to run into something known as the GFE. It’s the acronym for ‘Good Faith Estimate’– and despite the reassuring name, the federal government decided they had better make it mandatory (to me, the opposite of having much faith at all).

                The GFE has a new format dictated by the federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act which requires lenders to provide an estimate of the charges and fees due at closing. Lenders have three days to make it available.

                The GFE looks like a bill. It features a list of fees and charges denoted by three-digit codes. It is grouped into sections to make it more readable, and although at first glance the resulting grid looks overly complicated, after you scan through it once or twice, it actually makes sense. The reason it is a good idea is because of the number of charges that may or may not be on there. It prevents sudden last-minute cash flow surprises at closing.

                Once you receive your GFE, you’ll also receive a Truth in Lending (TIL) disclosure form. This gives you the annual percentage rate for your mortgage, taking into account mortgage insurance, discount points and other assorted fees.

                The GFE is exactly what it says – an estimate. This isn’t so that the lender can suddenly raise the prices: there is a built-in variability to the various processes that truly cannot be guaranteed until the last ‘i’ is dotted and the last ‘t’ crossed. The figures quoted in a GFE can rise as much as 10 to 15 percent or more by closing…they can also fall. The GFE comes in quite handy when you’re getting a Nutley  mortgage because you can compare it with the final, see where any differences appear, and be assured that it all makes sense. If getting a mortgage meant waiting until closing to see what surprises appear, the moment would be much less appealing.

                Getting a mortgage is an integral part of becoming a Nutley homeowner. Understanding the costs at every step of the way is a big part of the decision-making process – it is just one of the services every one of my clients can be sure I will provide.

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                  3 Bedrom 1.5 Bath Home For Sale in Nutley NJ

                  3 Bedroom Home For Sale in Nutley NJ, Great home for first time home buyer contact me at 973-846-0065 for a private showing.

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                    Morris Plains NJ Home For Rent, 3 Bedroom House

                    Morris Plains NJ  Home For Rent

                    Looking for a Rental on Morris Plains New Jersey? For More information call me at 862-228-0554, Morris Plains NJ Home For Rent, 3 Bedroom House. Email me at: mdefede@gmail.com

                    Morris Plains NJ Home For Rent, 3 Bedroom House For Rent

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