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Tell Me Why Do You Want A Short Sale?

Short Sales-Are They Really A Deal?

The answer usually is “I want a great deal” Well sometimes you can get a great deal on a short sale and most of the time you can’t. And the reason that I say that is I have sold short sales I would say about a dozen times, well almost a dozen times, 9 out of every 10 short sales fail to close. Why? most of the time the banks just take there sweet time getting back to the buyer by that time the buyer has moved on or found another deal that is not a short sale, yes a regular deal without all the headaches. You have to understand the system the banks are under staffed to handle the problem. My advice would be if your going to go after a short sale put your offer in but keep looking. You can find a ton of great deals out there. Start here by searching for your new home in Nutley!


Buying A Foreclosed Home


What Is A Short Sale?


Homes For Sale in Nutley NJ

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Bloomfield Homes for Sale

Welcome to the Bloomfield homes and real estate portal: your single stop for finding a home in Bloomfield. Here you can search every available home for sale in Bloomfield.

As of today there are many homes and properties for sale that are available to search. The number of homes changes daily, so be sure to keep coming back right here, to the best site for Bloomfield homes for sale.
Homes For Sale in Bloomfield New Jersey

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    Short Sales in Nutley NJ

    The Problem With Buying Short Sales is that banks are not equipped to handle the volume. The other issues is that the home owner may have multiple loans on the property so its hard to get them all agree to take a portion of what they are owed on the home. A home buyer may get a good deal but it can take up to six months to get an acceptance from the banks. If you want more information on short sales give me a call 973-846-0065 I am a short sale certified agent.

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