What Is Your Home Worth?

What is your home in NJ worth now? many things effect your home’s value in NJ


Location– What’s near your home? Are there restaurants, schools, highways, etc? How close or far away are you to these things? Distance can affect market value.

Market Trends– Is the market slow or picking up speed? Market trends, good or bad, can impact your home value and selling price.

Comparable Homes– Look at prices of recent home sales in your neighborhood. This will help determine your property value. A real estate professional can help you obtain prices from recent home sales and understand how they affect you.

Condition of Home– When was your home built? What kind of improvements have you made? What still needs to be done?

Home Size– Many buyers looking for a new home are looking for more space. Can your home offer that?

Repairs/Improvements– To go along with the condition of your home, what kind of upgrades have you done? Have you changed flooring, upgraded your kitchen or remodeled your bathroom? Buyers don’t want to do much when they move into a new home. The less they have to do, the better.

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