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The History of Jersey City New Jersey

The land comprising what is now Jersey City was inhabited by the Lenape, a collection of tribes (later called Delaware Indian). In 1609, Henry Hudson, seeking an alternate route to East Asia, anchored his small vessel Halve Maen (English: Half Moon) at Sandy Hook, Harsimus Cove and Weehawken Cove, and elsewhere along what was later named the North River. After spending nine days surveying the area and meeting its inhabitants, he sailed as far north as Albany. By 1621, the Dutch West India Company was organized to manage this new territory and in June 1623, New Netherland became a Dutch province, with headquarters in New Amsterdam. Michael Reyniersz Pauw received a land grant as patroon on the condition that he would establish a settlement of not fewer than fifty persons within four years. He chose the west bank of the North River (Hudson River) and purchased the land from the Lenape. This grant is dated November 22, 1630 and is the earliest known conveyance for what are now Hoboken and Jersey City. Pauw, however, was an absentee landlord who neglected to populate the area and was obliged to sell his holdings back to the Company in 1633.[33] That year, a house was built at Communipaw for Jan Evertsen Bout, superintendent of the colony, which had been named Pavonia(the Latinized form of Pauw’s name, which means peacock).[34] Shortly after, another house was built at Harsimus Cove and became the home of Cornelius Van Vorst, who had succeeded Bout as superintendent, and whose family would become influential in the development of the city. Relations with the Lenape deteriorated, in part because of the colonialist’s mismanagement and misunderstanding of the indigenous people, and led to series of raids and reprisals and the virtual destruction of the settlement on the west bank. During Kieft’s War, approximately eightyLenapes were killed by the Dutch in a massacre at Pavonia on the night of February 25, 1643.[35]

Scattered communities of farmsteads characterized the Dutch settlements at Pavonia: Communipaw, Harsimus, Paulus Hook, Hoebuck, Awiehaken, and other lands “behind Kill van Kull“. The first village (located inside a palisaded garrison) established on what is now Bergen Square in 1660, and is considered to be the oldest town in what would become the state of New Jersey.[36]

A number of Jersey City condominiums are located near these 3 PATH Stations, including:

Jersey City New Jersey

What is it that makes a city great?

Some cities are known for their landmark attractions, for their action-packed nightlife, or simply for the unmatched quality of their community. Today, all of these elements and more have come to define the City of Jersey City. From the Greenville neighborhood to the bustling Downtown area, the City is engulfed in a blanket of diversity and growth. Moreover, a fast-expanding skyline, a collection of schools, and an integrated transportation system help to make Jersey City a top contender among the cities that line the Hudson River.

Boasting one of the most diverse populations in the United States, Jersey City is host to an array of ethnicities and cultures. Living up to its legacy as a Tapestry of Nations, the City is composed of substantial communities of Jewish, Italian, Cuban, Filipino, Polish, Indian, Irish, Puerto Rican, Dominican, African, Arab, and Asian descent. With the historic Ellis Island within its borders, it is not surprising that Jersey City has become renowned for her diversity.

Jersey City’s ideal location and close proximity to New York City has also contributed to the development of its own impressive skyline. Hudson River Walkway Views JCThis includes the Goldman Sachs building, which stands at an impressive 238 meters granting it a distinction as one of the 200 Tallest Buildings in the World. Transportation is readily available here with a 24-hour PATH Train service, the NY/NJ Waterway, the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail system, and major highways such as the NJ Turnpike. Jersey City’s economic sphere is now one of the fastest-growing as Fortune-500 corporations such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, and others continue to bring their businesses to our area.

Notwithstanding all the present improvements, Jersey City’s most protected investment is in its actual future – our children. As such, the city is filled with numerous academic institutions. A tribute to higher education, Jersey City is home to the New Jersey City UniversitySaint Peter’s University, and Hudson County Community College. The University of Phoenix and Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey also have locations within Terracotta Lion's Head Building Detailthe city.
Additionally, McNair Academic High School has been dubbed the top public high school in New Jersey and 15th in the nation. With a number of schools yet to be mentioned, Jersey City’s youth will undoubtedly be prepared to become leaders of tomorrow.

From the Village to Little India to Bergen Lafayette and our historic districts to the Artists Markets and Annual Studio Tour, Jersey City represents the full range of 21st century diversity and culture we expect from our urban areas.

So is Jersey City a great city? It sure has all the ingredients of a great and prosperous one. Just ask the locals and they will no doubt affirm the same. However, nothing beats knowing Jersey City than experiencing it yourself. The list of things to do is endless given the active nightlife, theaters, art-galleries, parks, and much more. Be sure to check out our sister site, Destination Jersey City, to plan your experience of Jersey City today!

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