Nutley Real Estate Agent Matthew DeFede, Tech Savvy Agent

It’s time for a Tech Savvy Real Estae Agent in Nutley NJ, Old Shool Vs New School

Some real estate agents think that being tech savvy is just about owning a few cool tools for real estate. Let me tell you as a Nutley NJ Real Estate Agent

 it is not about the tools or the gadgets. It is about your ability to understand and properly communicate with the tech savvy consumer through means of SMS, Email, and Social Media.

Today’s buyer loves to connect to their tech savvy real estate agent instantly. When they have a question, they want a pretty immediate answer and through the use of modern technology it is possible and Home sellers want to see their home all over the web these days, who can blaim them we know that 95% of buyers start searching for a home online!

Today’s Tech Savvy Agent comes armed with iPad, iPhone (smart-phone) and the ability to deliver a top level of service from any remote location. 

I can meet with sellers at a drop of a hat because my presentation is on my iPad and always ready. I always have a Flip charged and in my bag for moments I want to catch and send to YouTube.  I think today’s most successful agents are out in the field selling real estate, and are probably not having coffee or lunch or hanging out down the shore on the weekends!

You still need old school skills to handle a transaction but you also need to be tech savvy, real estate has changed over the last decade, you need to get more eyes on your properties and  it all comes down to marketing.

So if your a home seller who would you choose to sell your home? Old School Realtor or New School Realtor?

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