The Real Estate Business, Why You Should Think Twice.

The Real Estate BusinessAre you a New Agent or Are You Thinking About Getting A Real Estate License?

I see it every couple of years when the market gets hot, young eager new agents watch a tv show get excited about getting a real estate license and they go to the classes, start telling everyone they are into “Real Estate” and then 4 months later Boom! They are on to the next thing.

Why do you think the real estate industry has an 84% failure rate? BECAUSE IT IS NOT EASY!!!! THAT’S WHY!!!

Sure the barrier to getting your real estate license is rather easy, I know many people who just have a license waiting to buy their own home or just wanting to do it part time to make a little bit of money, and then there are the other that  want to build a business and a future and actually love the business, and I mean love it a majority of the time but, I hate the whole process.

The Real Estate transaction has a lot of moving parts to it, buyers, sellers, attorneys, cutthroat agents, honest people, dishonest people, flippers, attorneys and so on, throw in some massive emotion and bam! that is the real estate business, oh did I also mention that you have to earn a living and pay your bills at the same time? Yes, the most important part.

There are a lot of Gurus that are willing to take your money and tell you if you do this you will be successful, I am here to tell you it’s all bullshit, the only way you make money in this business if focusing on income generating opportunities, yes you got it working with buyers and sellers and closings deals, these days I am telling agents to focus on their “Brand” because there will be another shift and you are going to see all the part-time people leave the business and the real pros will have to pick up the slack and they will thrive.

No amount of money you throw at marketing and lead generation will fix the problem, now that does not mean you cannot be successful in this business you can, but it takes a lot of hard work and managing disappointment at every level but if you love what you are doing and you do good work you can make it.

If you have any questions about being a realtor please feel free to contact me at 862-228-0554.


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