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Welcome To Nutley New Jersey A NYC Commuter Friendly Town & A Great Place To Raise A Family.

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179 Centre St, Nutley, NJ

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We Just Launched A New Website At Realty Executives Elite Homes

I’m proud to announce our new upgraded website for our office has officially launched! check out www.mattdefede.com for all your Real Estate needs, information for Home Buyers & Home Sellers, do your research and see every home available in Nutley New Jersey!

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More Home for a Lower Cost of Housing in Nutley NJ

What if you could live in a larger home in Nutley and possibly newer home for less than you are currently? Would you consider moving? Do you want to hear more?

Interest rates, while they’re expected to go up, actually took a small dip and are still hovering at the 4% or below mark for a 30 year mortgage and almost one percent less for a 15 year term.


Let’s assume that you have a $225,000 mortgage currently at 6% which has a principal and interest payment of $1,348.99. With a 4% rate, you could have a $282,561 mortgage with the same payment. A $57,000 more expensive home could help you get what you need most such as more square footage or a different location or a newer home.

If you’re going to be making that payment for years to come, why not allow lower interest rates to help you get the features you want in your Nutley home without having to necessarily pay a higher payment. Taking that logic a little bit further, let’s see how utilities can make a difference too.

A newer home in Nutley could easily have lower monthly utility costs than your current home due to being more energy efficient. Construction materials, windows, doors, insulation, modern HVAC systems and energy efficient appliances all contribute to lower utility costs. A new home with these advantages could easily save a homeowner up to 25-50% on utilities for the same size home.

The concept is simple: get the most home you can in Nutley for the amount you spend on the payment and utilities. It will take some investigation and your real estate professional can help.

Wait a Year to Buy in Nutley…It Won’t Matter?

There is a frequently quoted expression “more money has been lost from indecision than was ever lost from making a bad decision.” Regardless of the extent of its accuracy, most people can recall when procrastination has cost them money.


There are markets so short of inventory that buyers have become frustrated after losing bids for several homes in Nutley and have decided to wait until more homes come on the market. In the meantime, the shortage of homes in Nutley is driving the prices up more by the month.

There are buyers who can’t find the home in Nutley what they want for the price they want to pay and think that waiting will somehow change things. In some cases, what they want just keeps moving farther and farther away from them.

The other dynamic in play is, of course, the mortgage rates. While they’ve remained low for several years, most experts agree that they’re going to rise; it’s just a matter of when. If you look at what positive increases in both of these would do, it becomes apparent that waiting will matter.

A $250,000 home purchased today on a FHA loan at 4% for 30 years will have a principal and interest payment of $1,151.76. If a buyer were to wait a year and the price increased 5% and the rate went up by 1%, the payment would increase by over $200 a month. In a seven year period, the increased payment alone would cost the buyer over $17,000.

Use the Cost of Waiting to Buy calculator to see how much it will matter based on the home you want to buy and what you think the prices and rates will do in the next year.

Just Listed in Nutley A True Mother/Daughter Home!

I am happy to announce my new listing in Nutley 376 Mount Vernon St.

This home was built by the Lopa family back in 1978 built with 2 kitchens and a walkout downstairs, full front brick with attached garage and large 2 car width drive way, the Lopa’s still reside in the home and are the original owners, this is the first time in 35 years that the home is listed with Coldwell Banker Residential, this home is convenient to the Parkway, RT 21, RT3 and Rt 46 9 miles from NYC this home would make a great commuter home for people that travel into NYC every day for work or business, your also only a stones throw away from Newark Airport as well as tons of fine dining establishments and shopping.

Just Listed in Nutley

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    Matthew DeFede Nutley Real Estate Agent

    Matthew DeFede Nutley RealEstate

    Matthew DeFede Nutley Real Estate Agent

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      The Path to Increasing Your Nutley Property’s Value

      The fall selling season is just around the corner, causing some homeowners to give serious thought to the prospect of listing their home. Particularly when it’s likely that you will be entering the Nutley market soon, when it comes to the important decision regarding setting the price of the property, it’s helpful to keep in mind that there is a meaningful difference between “price” and “value.”

      Price is the amount that a seller asks for their Nutley property — it’s that all-important number at the top of the listing that seeks to describe where it belongs in the hierarchy of homes for sale. But the fact is, it is different from the value — which is the amount the property is worth. The value is based on many factors, among them location (neighborhood and placement within the neighborhood), current market supply and demand, condition, distinguishing features of the property, and more.

      You can’t change the location of a home, nor the current market conditions — but by improving the property, a savvy seller can increase the value of his or her property. Dian Hymer is a nationally syndicated real estate columnist who has often written on the subject. She cites one example of location as a value determinant: “An incurable defect, like being located next to a freeway or on a busy street, is something that can’t be corrected.” On the other hand, she points out how other factors, like details whose maintenance has been deferred, are eminently correctable.

      That is why the oft-heard advice about the importance of improving a property before it comes to market are so on-target: deep clean the home, correct deferred maintenance items, clear out clutter, de-personalize, re-paint, re-fresh, re-organize! Some elements of property value can’t be changed, but a savvy seller can still materially raise that value – which is the real secret to fetching a higher price.

      If you are looking to sell your Nutley property this fall, I have a marketing plan that can start right now – 30 days before listing – to help bring you top dollar. Call me today to set the wheels in motion!

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        Nutley Home Selling Production Has Just One Star

        Nutley home selling is not so different from home selling in any other desirable community: the nearly universal underpinnings haven’t changed through the years. So when a homeowner watches a “Just Sold!” sign go up on a neighborhood home he or she just knows isn’t nearly as good a buy as his or her own property, “why them/why not me?” is the normal response.

        The answer can be quite simple. If you want your own Nutley home selling campaign to proceed as smoothly as possible, veteran sellers offer some reliable advice:

        • Remove yourself from the equation. Specifically, remove the family photos off the walls and store them in an out-of-the-way place. That evocative stairwell lined with pictures of the kids and family vacations might be a trip down memory lane for you, but it’s a roadblock for potential buyers. The goal in home selling is to effectively showcase the property — don’t make the star of your production share the stage!
        • Store extra clothes. Sort through the clothes you and your family aren’t going to wear this season and remove them from the closets. Overstuffed, cluttered closets give prospective buyers the impression that there isn’t enough storage space, whereas a sparsely hung closet just feels luxurious. If needed, purchase wardrobe boxes to store in the garage.
        • Use the professional talent that’s already on deck — ask your agent for a truly forthright opinion on how your home stacks up against the other current listings in Nutley. Since you’re on the same team, you’ll get the best of both worlds: real, up-to-the-moment comparisons with competing area homes, and suggestions for how to further improve your property’s profile among them.

        Preparing to sell a home can seem daunting at first, but once you begin in earnest, with the help of your real estate professional and a few proven guidelines, the process can be fully in motion quickly and easily. The most important thing to remember is that the better you display your property, the more money it is likely to sell for. It all starts when you give me a call!

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          Water Management Saves Nutley Homeowners $$

          Nutley Homes For Sale

          It can be a real forehead-smacker.

          Sometimes it’s only after Nutley homeowners finish preparing their properties for sale that it hits them how much they could have benefitted had they made those improvements earlier. Some of the improvements that appeal to today’s home buyers make real pocketbook sense: in the long run, the savings they bring can easily pay for themselves.

          Take water. Summer weather makes us think more about water conservation — but conserving it is only one facet of household use. Leaky faucets are the most well known issue. On the surface, they may not look as though they are wasting enough water to worry about, but when savvy buyers hear that ‘drip drip drip’ when they’re touring properties for sale, they may already know that a single slow drip can easily amount to a whole bathtub every day. This is usually the easiest problem to fix — often repairable with simple DIY tools. Those with properties for sale in town having multiple dripping faucets might also consider recruiting a plumber for the job, just to make sure that that’s not a symptom of more widespread problems apt to crop up come inspection time.

          More hefty savings come your way by upgrading toilets to models that display the Water Sense label. Research shows that over their lifetime they can save literally thousands of dollars. Nutley properties for sale with several of these installed have a feature worth bragging about.

          One connection that’s important but often overlooked is the fact that water can be an energy hog! As much as 14% of a home’s energy bill goes to heating it. Preparing properties for sale can include the simple fix of a thermal water tank jacket. These insulating wraps are easy to install, and keep tanks from cooling too quickly. If a water heater needs replacing, another option is to look for the improved insulation that’s a built-in feature of some newer energy saving models.

          If you’re looking to buy or sell your Nutley home anytime soon, I’ll be here all summer long to help with your real estate plans.  Call me today!

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