Water Management Saves Nutley Homeowners $$

Nutley Homes For Sale

It can be a real forehead-smacker.

Sometimes it’s only after Nutley homeowners finish preparing their properties for sale that it hits them how much they could have benefitted had they made those improvements earlier. Some of the improvements that appeal to today’s home buyers make real pocketbook sense: in the long run, the savings they bring can easily pay for themselves.

Take water. Summer weather makes us think more about water conservation — but conserving it is only one facet of household use. Leaky faucets are the most well known issue. On the surface, they may not look as though they are wasting enough water to worry about, but when savvy buyers hear that ‘drip drip drip’ when they’re touring properties for sale, they may already know that a single slow drip can easily amount to a whole bathtub every day. This is usually the easiest problem to fix — often repairable with simple DIY tools. Those with properties for sale in town having multiple dripping faucets might also consider recruiting a plumber for the job, just to make sure that that’s not a symptom of more widespread problems apt to crop up come inspection time.

More hefty savings come your way by upgrading toilets to models that display the Water Sense label. Research shows that over their lifetime they can save literally thousands of dollars. Nutley properties for sale with several of these installed have a feature worth bragging about.

One connection that’s important but often overlooked is the fact that water can be an energy hog! As much as 14% of a home’s energy bill goes to heating it. Preparing properties for sale can include the simple fix of a thermal water tank jacket. These insulating wraps are easy to install, and keep tanks from cooling too quickly. If a water heater needs replacing, another option is to look for the improved insulation that’s a built-in feature of some newer energy saving models.

If you’re looking to buy or sell your Nutley home anytime soon, I’ll be here all summer long to help with your real estate plans.  Call me today!

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