Nutley Open House Touches To Make Things Happen!

Nutley Open House Touches To Make Things Happen!

Open House in Nutley

When you are getting near to zero hour for your first open house in Nutley, you should know some of the simple moves homeowners can make to help ensure success. Here are three of them — three ways you can approach your area open house to make sure it’s a well-attended and effective marketing event:

1. Buy some flowers

It might seem extravagant, but when you consider the your Nutley home’s asking price, it may prove well worth it.  The amount you spend on flowers will create an extra lift: the inviting aroma that greets your visitors, together with the burst of color fresh arrangements add in key areas subtly let buyers know you are willing to make an effort for a property that rates star treatment.  Plus, it’s almost springtime, right?

2. Put up signage in advance

You will already have a “For Sale” sign in the front yard, but once you near the day of your area open house, getting the word out becomes a top priority.  If your agent is heads-up (hint: I’m one of those!) – you will see that an “Open Sunday”’ rider has been attached to your sign days in advance.  It’s one of a number of small steps step that will help entice Nutley residents (who will tell friends who are looking) — and definitely flag weekday drive-bys to come back! Any extra exposure can be vital for courting a goodly field of potential buyers.

3. Provide child-friendly entertainment

Buyers have children, and planned or unplanned, they may be along for the occasion. Bored kids are a distraction – so why not have some coloring sheets and crayons ready? You’ll be removing the hassle factor at the same time you are creating a welcoming, kid-friendly atmosphere.

When it comes to a successful Nutley open house, small steps make a large difference.  I’d love to help set you up for success this spring: contact me anytime for an in-home consultation to prepare for the coming selling season.

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