Realty Executives in Nutley : Better Faster Stronger.

If you have not noticed lately most of the mom and pop Real Estate offices in Nutley have been closing, over the last 10 years Nutley has lost some of the agencies that have been in the town since the 1950’s and maybe even longer. Why is this? I’ll tell you why because the Real Estate business has changed in Nutley and so have the consumers,  with the Internet and Mobile Phones consumers now have the ability to consume information at record speeds and most of the brokerages in Nutley are playing catch up or just masking their technology  short falls when it comes to the faster paced online market and demands of the consumer.

Even some of the offices that claim to be “The Largest” are not really and even if they do have a large roster of agents or a bigger building only 5% of them actually are active in the town of Nutley.

I would rather have an office of ten agents where 9 of them are actually working, producing and using the latest technology to service clients rather than having 30 agents and  only 2 are actually working, the new modern Real Estate practice is here that is why at Realty Executives Elite homes in Nutley we are a Tech Savvy Brokerage, every agent has the latest tools and means of communication for the Tech Savvy home buyers and homes sellers, our Marketing reach is stronger, better, faster and streamlined and we have the best web presence in Nutley NJ and our agents benefit from that as well we are unique as we are a warm boutique type agency with a International reach.

All of our agents at Realty Executives Elite Homes are trained to use the latest technology and use it to market clients homes so they get the desired result faster, Happy Clients mean better business and better business means Happy Agents our agents also benefit from our Online Marketing in the form of leads, YES! we actually give our agents leads without referral fees! if your an agent and you are interested in our unique business model give us a call today.

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Nutley Real Estate Agent

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