Quick Links, Homes For sale in Nutley, Belleville, Clifton & Montclair NJ

Quick Links, Homes For sale in Nutley, Belleville, Clifton & Montclair NJ

Homes For Sale in Nutley NJ

Townhomes For Sale in Nutley NJ

Condos For Sale in Nutley NJ

Short Sales in Nutley NJ

Bank Owned Homes in Nutley NJ



Homes For Sale in Belleville NJ

Townhomes For Sale in Belleville NJ

Condos For Sale in Belleville NJ

Short Sales in Belleville NJ

Bank Owned Homes in Belleville NJ


Homes For Sale in Clifton NJ

Townhomes For Sale in CliftonNJ

Condos For Sale in Clifton NJ

Short Sales in Belleville NJ

Bank Owned Homes in Clifton NJ


Homes For Sale in Montclair NJ

Townhomes For Sale in Montclair NJ

Condos For Sale in Montclair NJ

Short Sales in Montclair NJ

Bank Owned Homes in Montclair NJ


Homes For Sale in Wayne NJ

Townhomes For Sale in Wayne NJ

Condos For Sale in Wayne NJ

Short Sales in Wayne NJ

Bank Owned Homes in Wayne NJ


Homes For Sale in West Milford NJ

Townhomes For Sale in West Milford NJ

Condos For Sale in West Milford NJ

Short Sales in West Milford NJ

Bank Owned Homes in West Milford NJ

Matthew De Fede SFR

COLDWELL BANKER Residential Brokerage

The Best Web Site For Nutley Real Estate, Clifton Real Estate, Belleville & Bloomfield NJ

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    Real Estate Transactions & Stress

    Handling The Stress of Selling and Buying a Home

    Part of my specialty as a real estate agent is managing stress for my clients.  It means a lot to me when clients tell me at closing, “Wow, Matt, I can’t believe how smoothly everything went.”  It’s a badge of honor for me when I hear things were “stress free” or “low pressure” from my clients’ perspective.

    Even in the best case scenario, every real estate transaction comes with a little stress.  If you consider WHY most people are buying or selling a home, the motivation usually comes from either positive or negative life change.  Marriage, the birth of a child, the death of a spouse, divorce, a new job, downsizing… all are common reasons people buy or sell a home.

    It’s no surprise that these major life changes are also listed on the “Holmes and Rahe stress scale,” a list of 43 life events which can contribute to illness (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holmes_and_Rahe_stress_scale).  The ability to manage the stress associated with these events isn’t just about feeling good… it’s also a crucial component of maintaining our health along the way.

    Since I’m always on the lookout for ways to reduce my clients‘ stress levels during this time of transition, I was thrilled to find this excellent article from Reader’s Digest called “37 Stress Management Tips” to share with you:


    Enjoy! If you’re looking for an agent to help you with a stress-free real estate transaction, drop me a line today:  973-846-0065 or got to http://www.HomesInNutleyNJ.com


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      See All Available Homes in Nutley, Clifton & Belleville, Nutley Real Estate For Sale

      See All Available Homes in Nutley, Clifton & Belleville NJ SEARCH NOW! See All Availabe Nutley Real Estate For Sale

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        Buying or Selling a home in Nutley, NJ

        Selling or Buying A Home in Nutley NJ, Experience The Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Difference. We Are The Nutley NJ Real Estate Experts. I Specialize in Townhomes in Cambridge Heights & Cambridge Crossings.

        Thinking About Selling Your Home in Nutley New Jersey

        I believe that selling a home in Nutley in today’s economic environment has to be a “PROACTIVE” approach, no longer can an agent take a listing agreement throw the home up on the Nutley MLS and hope that its sells, we are just not in that type of market  My approach to home selling in Nutley is very different than many of the other agents in Nutley NJ.
        I use all the latest selling tools and technology to market your home in Nutley ie: Web, Social Media, Text Alerts, Personalized direct mail and more. I also use the conventional means as well, I like to create a buzz around your home or real estate you are selling and I treat it just like we would a marketing campaign in Nutley, combined with the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Brand We Market Your Nutley property Several Different Ways, Web, Social Media, Print, TV, Radio, Ask about our “LEAD ROUTER DIRECT RESPONSE” Marketing Program & our Coldwell Banker Home Warranty if your agent does not offer this they are not a COLDWELL BANKER Residential Brokerage.

        Here are some of the marketing components I use to get your home sold:

        -Multiple MLS Listings (Garden State & New Jersey MLS)

        -Direct Mail Announcing The Sale of Your Home

        -Lead Router Online Marketing System (*Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Only)

        -Coldwell Banker Web Sites (www.coldwellbanker.com & www.cbmoves.com)

        -Trulia, Yahoo, Google, Bing, Zillow, NYtimes, NJ.com and 300 other web sites

        -Local “Nutley” Web Sites (localized web campaign) (*Matthew DeFede Only)

        -Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter & MySpace) (*Matthew DeFede Only)

        -Open Houses advertised in News Print & Web (*Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Only)

        -Coldwell Banker Home Warranty Program (*Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Only)

        and so much more, selling homes and real estate in Nutley is my passion!

        “Ask About Our Cambridge Heights Townhome Marketing Program”

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          Selling Your Home in Nutley NJ, What To Ask Agents Before Your Hire Them.

          Are you thinking about selling your home in Nutley NJ and you are interviewing Realtors. Here is what to ask.

          #1 Are You A Franchise Company or Part of a Larger Firm, Just because the office looks impressive does not mean the agents are.

          #2 What is your Marketing Plan for my home? do you have it in print, don’t just give me lip service about who you know in town, sometimes an agents reputation is more important than all the marketing they may do. Ask around about your agent before you sign that listing agreement.

          #3 Will you do an open house at least 2-3 times per month? Where do you advertise my Open House? Will you put it online and inthe Newspaper?

          #4 Once I sign the Listing agreement are you just going to hand me off to one of your assistants? Some agents use assistants like gophers and just wind up handing your most valuable asset off to an under qualified assistant or other agent and you never hear from that agent again until it’s time to re-list. Insist on a call every week for a status update, usually Monday mornings are the best time to schedule these calls.

          #5 Find out how much traffic your home get’s on the weekends (if the property is vacant) also have a lock box installed, does not matter if its a rental or sale, every listing should be treated equal.

          #6 Ask about the commission your paying, are they giving and equal share to participating brokers? this can out you at a disadvantage if they are not.

          #7 Do you offer a home warranty like Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage does?

          #8 What if I want to break my listing agreement with my firm, can I do that?

          I hope these 8 questions help you flush out which Real Estate firm you decide to list your home with in Nutley, please contact me if you have any questions.

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            Mortgage Points Explained

            Mortgage points are charges paid in order to obtain a mortgage for a home. Every point is a fee that is based on one percent of the entire loan amount. The discount points and the origination points are the two types of mortgage points. Keep in mind that lenders vary in charging for these two types of points.

            Discount points are paid towards the lender during closing to lower the interest of the mortgage rate. The points are the same as a pre-paid interest of a loan that a borrower will take out for a new home. Each point is equal to one percent of the total amount of loan. The total points that a borrower can choose depends on how much he or she wants to lower the rate of interest. Either the buyer or the seller pays for the discount points or they could split the fee in half.

            Origination points are used to pay for the expenses of obtaining a loan. These points are less popular compared to discount points because they do not offer the borrower valuable benefits and they are not tax deductible. It would be better for a borrower to look for a loan that does not require getting these points. Remember that not all loans require points paid. Some mortgages do not require points while others do. The borrower has to decide whether he or she wants to pay the discount points and a lender will determine if origination points are needed so the borrower can obtain a loan.

            Several factors will help the lender decide whether to charge points. A borrower’s credit score, which reflects his or her credit worthiness, is a major factor in determining if points are needed. The credit score and other factors reveal the riskiness of a loan for the bank to establish not only if points are required but how many points are assessed. If the lender determines that points are required, these should be properly disclosed to the borrower. In general, costs and points explanation is included in the good faith estimate that the lender provides to the borrower. The borrower will then determine how much is the loan amount and the cost of the points and choose a lender that provides the best deal.

            Regardless if paying points make sense depends greatly on how long you intend to keep the loan. A mortgage calculator can help you decide. When using a mortgage calculator, you have to calculate how much the monthly payment at the rate of interest is charged if you are not going to pay mortgage points. Next is to calculate the amount of monthly payment at the lower rate if you will pay for mortgage points. Deduct the lower payment from the higher payment to determine the amount saved each month. Divide the amount charged for the points during closing with the amount saved each month. The result is the number of months you have to keep the loan in order to break even on paying points.

            Author Resource:- Consider desert estates in Real Estate for Sale in Desert Estates Scottsdale AZ, MLS Real Estate in Desert Highlands Scottsdale AZ and Homes for Sale in Desert Mountain Scottsdale AZ.

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