Moving From NYC to Nutley NJ

Moving from NYC to NJAre you moving from NYC to NJ? I have affordable 3 bedroom 2 bath home in NJ or Towhomes in New Jersey

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So your thinking about making that move across the Hudson to New Jersey? I have helped many families move from New York (New York City) and there are many things you need to take into considerations such as do you still need to be close to NYC so you have an easy commute to your job or office, the further away from NYC you are the better deal on a home you are going to get, the closer you are to New York City the more money you are going to have to spend. The average commute to NYC during rush hour from Nutley (9 miles away from the city) is about 45 minutes there are several wasy to get into NYC from Nutley Bus, Train or Drive in. But also towns like Clifton, Montclair & Lyndhurst have there own train stations also towns like Ramsey also have a train station but your commute from there may be 1-1.5 hours to Penn Station on 7th ave. You do have options when it comes to moving to NJ from NYC you just have to pick and agent (like me 🙂 who knows how to get around northern New Jersey and what towns will work for your current situation.

I have homes in Essex, Bergen, Passaic & Morris counties that are all commutable to New York as well as townhome complexes and single family starter homes as well, picking the right agent can mean allot in the forms of savings and time as well. If your a single person looking for your first place to buy but have a job in NYC and have an active lifestyle then cambridge crossings in clifton may be a good option or a small condo in Montclair (which also has it’s own rail line).

You may be looking for a nice 3 bedroom 3 bath him with a modest price tag of $350k and that would work for you as well, then you may want a Luxury home in Franklin Lakes or Wyckoff in which I can also help you purchase. So if you thinking about moving from ny to nj give me a call ay 862-228-0554.

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